Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the blog is dead

Long Live the blog


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Playing Games

I got the new job, am settling in. Sorta, I have had the job for about 5 weeks and am only going for actual training Sunday. The job market in the south of the province is rediculous in retail. You can't find qualified management. Everyone applying for the jobs are coming from other industries. There is a feeling among them that they need a job and while none are available in thier line of work so they will stoop to retail. I mean how hard can it be. What a joke. Your degree in autocad or whatever isn't really going to help you deal with returns, pissed off customers, stock that never comes in and the fact you have to deal with it all at the same time. I had a career secretary apply for a management her argument that was that a manager isn't a hands on position, bwahhahhaaahhaaa!!!!!! In a store open about 80 hours and with a budget of 130 hours available, a manager uses 40...how on earth isn't it a hands on job?? They are totally clueless.

My pet peeve for the past year (I may have mentioned it before) is when people have a very limited availability for example 8 am to 3 pm Monday through Friday and want 40 hours a week...they go right to the bottom of the pile. Since one needs to handle money in this job a totally lack of any basic mathematical skills means you go right to the bottom of the pile.

Myself I have been gaming more. The DS is seeing much more work than before. Cake Mania, Diner Dash, Harvest Moon Cute, Cooking Mama (That is a terrible game-I am not an idiot, please don't trreat me like one) and Etrian Odyessy. My portable gaming is typical of my age and gender (30 year female gamer market is the highest growing sector of the gaming industry, too bad that game magazines and even mainstream magaizines aren't catching on to that). My laptop has Build A lot, Sims Castaway and Diner Dash. My main pc has Hellgate London. Both the laptop and the desktop pc's had to be restored due to a bad microsoft update and I had to rebuild the wireless network as my dad downloaded a virus. He has no computer savvy at all anymore.. it's kinda scary as he used to write computer programs. My Wii has Boom Blocks, Lego Indiana Jones and House of the Dead 2&3. My 360 is sitting around collection dust as it has turned into a total frat boy system...

I get a discount but it's still not exactly covering all the games I am picking up. No doubt this will wear off, but I am thankful with my dvd habit, especially my fixation with BBC box sets, I am not working at a movie place. Or a yarn store.

On the topic of yarn I don't have any pics but I have been working on a few things the past week and a half. After my epic fail at the Hogwarts Duel Club (I signed up when I thought I wasn't going to get the current job, got it and was running around for about 4 weeks trying to do 2 jobs and figure out the new position on my own.) I hadn't knit a stitch in about a month. That is a tital record for me. I Picked up my needles againthis week and am a lot happier for it. I still have a killer infection in my jaw and ears and insomnia, but the change in my mood is notable. I promise I will not ever be appart from my needles for so long again. I am knitting some baby shoes (Tulip from Knitty) for a co-worker and have picked up a pair of unfinished monkeys, a purse for my Hogwarts swap and am almost done that (yeay) and am working on some lace. One of these or a few of them may end up in the local version of the county fair. Will keep you posted. Well, I'll try.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Um hi remember me?

Well a little over 2 months sinced my last post. Not my best time admittedly. What's been going on? Not a lot. Some major sock knitting combined with a case of 2nd heel syndrome (Second Sock Syndrome is for wimps). I'm making a skirt for summer that is in detention. I have been watching and still obsessing over Doctor Who. I was flirting with the idea of going on a yarn retreated but I debated too long. Waffling=not just for breakfast anymore.

In personal news, I proved I was a very slow learner and went of my B12 again. Got thrown into a depression and now I am doing better. I have always had a hard time remember to take pills but I discovered this melty breath strip that is 1000 mcg each and have been taking 2 (My doctor recommeds 1500 for me) Tis yummy too. But after a few weeks I began to feel sooo much better.

As some of you know I have been thinking od switching jobs for a while now, well I am now an assistant/acting manager of a video game store. It's pretty ok. Well I have only worked 1 shift. It doesn't seem significantly different. There is a fairly steep learning curve for product information, I thought I knew a good bit about games but apparently not so much. So far everything to do with this job, especially anything coming from H/O is disorganized. My friends are saying it's a lateral move at best. Retail is retail. There is not a Head Office in retail anywhere who is on the ball. They simply have been out of stores too long to remember what it's like.

I'll try to update on the weekend how it's going. I'm working everyday for a few weeks while I work out my notice at one place and train at the other. There may be a contest to follow.

Thanks for your patience with me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's a little humiliation and nudity between strangers?

Today was a a day. Not busy but not dead with lonely people sucking up huge amounts of my time talking to hear thier own voices. People asking me questions and apparently not wanting to hear the answer. (FYI: WEARING SOMETHING 3 SIZES TOO BIG MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A HIPPO THE FACT THAT IT'S CHEAP DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK LESS HIPPOLIKE~sorry that's been building up all day,glad to have it out of my system.) I wore a really cute billowy skirt today not entirely out of desire for it to be spring but primarily because I have no pants that fit and are clean or for that matter cleanish. It was a nice day at about 2 degrees (celcius) and there was a bit of a cool breeze but nothing my metabolism couldn't keep up with. However when I came home something had changed. I stopped to help a lady with a broken arm carry her stuff to the car. This was one of those ginormous 80 metric ton bags of dog food. So both my hands are full and I can bearly see over the damn thing but I struggle to the car. The wind had picked up somewhat in the past 9 hours. And the skirt not only blew up but over my head and got caught between myself and the dogfood. So I am in a parking lot I can't see and I can't put the dog food down because it's caught and tangled up and such. Well about 3 decades later the lady realizes I'm in trouble and helps me out. I put the dog food in the truck and with as much dignity as I could muster walked home. On the way I got 3 proposals from passersby...and none of them were marriage.

Edited to Add: The skirt flying up has happened to me a lot, it's windy and I like skirts and I may have blogged about and the thing that's freaking me out is I think I CAME UP WITH THE EXACT SAME PUNCHLINE. It's making me crazy. I've looked but alas I can't find it.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mail Call

Well it's over. March is here. The really hideous family thing I never blogged about it over and turned out not to be such a big deal after all (the homecare nurses threatened to take my father out of the home as we weren't caring for him properly, the reviewing nurse told them to get stuffed basically). Kinda Anti-climatic. I am cleansing my pallate of February aftertaste by participating in March Sweater Madness. I am doing a pull over version of Mr. Greenjeans. I've actually finished the body and tried it on a few time it fits but the armholes are a bit big so I'll have to fudge the sleeves a bit. But it FITS! Michelle has seen the picture of last years she is laughing now I am sure.

Friday I got notification I had a few deliveries arrive. I was felled by a migraine all weekend. Personally only a mojor wimp could call the headache I had a migraine but apparently that is the correct term because it made me sick to my stomach (why no I can't spell nauseaous. See?). I got called into work yesterday and will be doing a short shift in Calgary tomorrow so my mom was nice enough to pick up my packages from the Post Office for me today. I got out of the bath to see this.

3 big boxes one was my order from http://www.thesweetsheep.com/. Here is a few small shot full of loverly yarn porn.

I also got my Mystery Swap package from Sister Amy. ( http://nunknits.blogspot.com/ ) She sent me a lovely themed package: Latvian Mittens. There was a copy of Piecework Magazine which I haven't read before. it's pretty awesome. 4 colours of Lace Weight Misti Alpacha to make the mittens pictured.

She included Stabucks mocha mix, 2 really soft feeling soaps that smell really amazingly clean. And Purdy's chocolate! I have lived out west for almost 10 years and I never tried it, I feel a bit embarrassed admitting that.

Also in the post I recieved a really fun package from Amy (http://p3knitter.wordpress.com) There is a whole criteria for the Scavenger Hunt Swap.

1) Something local-The green Bamboo Blen sock yarn From Dyepot.com it's really shiny Ranges from maroon to a really lovely forest green.

2) Something round- A handmade DPN roll! Very retro colour/pattern, which is very me.

3) Something green Ecoganic Pakucho Peruvian cotten 2 cute little hanks, one of the softer cottens I've run into

4) Something related to the letter 'T'- A T mega mix cd which is going to work with me on Friday.

5) Something funny- Little Magnetic notpad that says I'ed rather be knitting (note to self:putting it on the computer tower is bad)

6) Something hard-Chocolate!! Yum!! Cheer you up kinda chocolate!!

7) Spoilers choice (make up a category for your item!) She maded me a hat, No pics of me wearing it but it does fit (Self portaits are not so good and YB makes me look like the triple chin garden gnome)

Both of these packages came at the right time and cheered me up enormously!! I Love the novelty of both these swaps and would recomended them in a heartbeat. Both of the Amy's (Ok I just noticed that they were both named Amy, but I have been writing this off and on for about 5 hours) get totaly votes in the amazingly thoughtful catagory! Yeay!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day

I love Leap Day. It's made of awesome. I woke up today in an unshakable good mood. No matter how bad I fuck up this day it'll be 4 more years before I am reminded. ;) Or something like that. One of my favorite ideas is from Frasier a show I never watched but seemed have seen most of the episodes (whats up with that?) Fraiser encouraged everyone to take a "leap of thier own" on leap day. (Not to be confused with take a flying leap). The only thing I can think of this year is spending my tax refund on Lotto tickets, which isn't a leap as much as really stupid. But the day is young (well, youngish am skirting the late for work just on time line at the mo).

Is it possible that my good mood has something to do with March Sweater Madness starting tomorrow? Probably. Or the fact due to severe case of the Murphy's this month (http://www.reallifecomics.com/archive/020604.html and http://www.reallifecomics.com/archive/080206.html) (Which by the way is still going on the central vac burped all the dirt in the canister back onto the carpet 2 days ago looking like a lifesized dustball camel and I ran upstairs to pull the hose and I took out the handrail on the stairs with my hip/butt no sign yet that it may look like a particular landmass yet [a la Rabbitch] went tou yesterday and had a jar of honey glarlic sauce open in my purse soaking my new wallet...I didn't want to use a grocery bag as I was trying to be all eco. throwing out a purse and it's contents is not eco by the way.) ...wait where was I going with this.. Oh yeah due to a severe case of the Murphy's I am taking 6 days off work. The exact wording of the staff was come back when your rested enough you no longer look homicidal. all part of the master plan to get time off. (yeah right)

Edit to Add: I petted a ferret today given my teeth to brain phobia I think it was pretty brave (fyi ferrets smell) maybe if 4 years I'll hold a bunny or be in the same room with a snake (who I am not dating, ahem) Didn't use my tax refund to buy lotto tickets but bought Torchwood, which isn't a gamble as it's a Doctor Who spinoff.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Official

I give up. Will not pass go, definitly not getting $200. Today I officially let the world go by without me. I am staying in my jammies, skipping the shower and hiding under the covers with a tube of cookie dough. I may stay there for a while I haven't decided. My company currently has achieved the level of "broke and dumbassed protection" which apparently means I have a job for a month then we'll probably go through all this again. But as I rejoiced in my ability to buy new glasses, some lovely and charming person broke into our back room and stole my wallet. I just bloody quit. I'ed knit all day but I really don't think I should be allowed near anything pointy.

Edit to add: The day has hit a new low. We are out of cookie dough and I have no debit card.