Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I have been taking time off work to help out my mum and dad, dad's had 4 strokes my mum has just has some pretty major surgery. I am expected to be off until the end of August, give or take. In that time I apparently plan on sewing and knitting a whole new wardrobe.

I'm a pretty decent knitter, but I have a wee teeny tiny attention span. I mean wee. I don't see myself able to do all this without a break. Not to mention I plan on sewing a wardrobe when all I have sewed to date is a pair of purses (Would you call 3 Tanks, a peasent blouce, 2 short skirts and 3 long skirts, 2 dresses a wardrobe?). We won't discuss the very depths of my delusions. I plan on knitting an aran skirt, a sweater vest, a fall sweater of my own design, a cardigan and because there is just oodles of time, I'll probably get all that Christmas Knitting done not to mention the 4 Birthday gifts I have to make between Christmas and now.

Pardon me, I need to call my doctor and ask to be (heavily) medicated.

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