Sunday, July 16, 2006

Commercial Break

Mar. 31st, 2006 09:33 am
I am totally a product of pop culture. Everything I want to knit/sew whatever seems to be something I gleamed on to by the media. Ex. i made a marvin doll for christmas (from hitchhickers guide to the galaxy), I cast of a Jayne hat (firefly/serenity), Made a slytherin scarf(harry potter), I want to sew this delich pinafore i saw in "for me", the list sadly goes on. I am most productive knitting when sitting alone with a box set of shows, yarn and needles. (Dallas totally rocks for this, much drama a lots of talking, Save the comedy for garter stitch)

Knitting Mag's i have known a few,
spend all my time dreaming
that i'll have time to do,
all that i want
(at least one or two).
I have this faint hope if i cast on 6 projects right this second somehow i can finish all six by the end of april. this makes no sence at all but really it's amazing how insistant the urge actually is.

Of hand I want to cast on at least one summer tank, a really cute clutch in cotton (garter stitch), toe-up socks, a lace shawl/blankie, dad's sweater coat, and every last thing i saw in vouge knitting spring issue, and a poncho, and i want to crochet a little treat for a friend....and this is juts of the top of my head (....and more than 6). I need to find a full time job complete with knitting time. Just saying.
The whole reason i named this babbleing entry (aren't they all tho) commercial break is because i remember a line from an ad that went "Is it rediculous how happy this makes me?" I use the line a bit in r/l but the idea that i can make socks from the toe's just exciting. It's remarkable. I toil with the idea that it's pretty pathetic that the most exciting thing in my life seems to be the concept of making toe-up socks...i'ed head to the bar to meet someone but you know i'ed just take the socks anyways.

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