Friday, July 21, 2006

A Knitter with too much time on her hands is Dangerous
Well if I ever get around to blocking it I'll show you my finished Hiking scarf. Not a fan of blocking its too reminiscent of my arch-nemesis laundry. Not to mention I block on the floor and pins need to be counted very carefully , ask me how I know.

My next projects were to be a fall sweater, and a few lacey scarves to get a jump on Christmas, but my yarn hasn't yet arrived. So I decided to work on my next fall/winter piece. An Aran skirt. Ok I first saw this pattern after I had only knit for 3 Months and I fell in love with it. It was white (it makes me look tall), it was a sweater style (so 80's but one of the few good fashions that came from the 80's), An Aran (the pinnacle of one colour knitting, in my opinion) and it was freaking HARD. Experienced level in vogue magazine. I put the magazine down and backed away slowly.

Well it's been about 11 months since I started knitting. I pretty much suck at anything with more than one colour (except simple stripes) but I have pretty much decided that nothing in knitting will actually kill me. It may frustrate me for a while but the odds of it actually doing me in are pretty minimal, not impossible as I think this project was trying it's hardest to make sure I didn't survive the experience. When approaching something with a chart that looks like this, don't look at it all at once. You get vertigo and nausea, instead break it down. Knit? Purl? You can do those. Cable left or cable right? You can do those too, now. You may also notice bobbles. I don't know how but I missed those before. I think the skirt was using cover-up or something, I discovered that I had to do them while waiting in the dr's office, it was to be about a half hour wait and I hadn't brought back-up knitting. Bobbles for the record are dead easy just kinda annoying. (Put right needle into next stitch as if you knit, K1, p1, k1, p1, k1 all into that stitch without slipping the stitch off your left needle until the last knit is in. Turn. K5. Turn. P1, P3tog, P1. Turn. Slip stitch knitwise, Ktog, PSSO. At this point I turn one last time and knit the same stitch before I carry on. I was finding the initial stitch was so stretched out it was leaving a bit of a hole under the bobble.) And short rows, dead useful when you go to make your first pair of socks.

It's actually very basic, like all knitting is, once you break the bits up small enough. I say this now after casting on 8 times. Possibly more. First time I knit the tail into the project, duh. The second time I put too many stitches on. Third time? I put to little. I decided that after the first row the cast on wasn't springy enough. The fourth time, I chose a cast on that was springy and realized that the skirt was knit sideways and the cast on would be a seam. The long tail cast on seemed to make a better seam that the other fancy one. Blah blah blah, and so on and so on. I made every mistake possible. The worst was getting three rows in and realizing I started reading the chart from the wrong corner. That was the second last cast on. I am doing pretty well now that I have gotten to the short rows. This should keep my entertained for a while.

I am using acrylic yarn. Before everyone thinks sacrilege I'ed like to point out the thought process. I need something machine wash and dry. I take care of 2 infirm parents and have a full time job. I need something easy. I was also really really really paranoid about what has charmingly been called butt pooch syndrome. Wool stretches so if Sitting will cause the butt pooch of doom, I'll just pick something else. Cotton is pretty heavy and would pull on itself. It also stretches out pretty easily. Bamboo and other alternative natural fibers are much to costly and would take a long time to arrive. I need something to knit now. So it's acrylic. I'll live. I'll keep you posted here and on my blog as I progress (or not, I tend to have a lot of projects on the go at the same time).

Once again Blogger is going to give me a hard time and not put my pictures in. I'll post them separately.

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