Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Knitting Magazine Publishers Need a Wake-up Call

Ok I picked up my Vouge Knitting Magazines. I am thinking of starting to make my fall wardrobe as I mentioned previously. The aran skirt from winter 05/06 is classic. Perfect me. Except for a few minor details. Like even though I wear a size 7 pant the largest size is too small for me. The "Large" is a 30"waist. Excuse me? Isn't the average size in the States (where this mag is published) a 14/16? What is up with that? Will someone please let the editors know that knitting doesn't burn that many calories,nor does it give you abs of steel no matter how tight your guage is.

Ok I am apparently a very FAT size 7 ((eyeroll) I can adjust the pattern, assuming I could see it. The chart which is about 136 sitiches by 60 rows is only 10" by 4". So apparently I am also at fault for not having microscopic eyes. I mean this is small. There is no seperation at any regulated marks. Eg. a heavier gridline every 10 stitches or something.

<----actual size

And the final insult. The recommended yarn costs 130 dollars.American. I am Canadaian so tack on about 25%. While I am aware that their sister fashion magazine thinks nothing of calling a plainbutton down white shirt that costs $130 a steal it still doesn'tmake it right. I'll also admit that while my yarn budget is higher than my clothing budget it's still an absurd price. Am I the only one wishing these people were living in the real world?


PS In the interest of fairness I should point out that I find thistrend more in the print aspect than online. Most online knitting magazines are much more realistic, this is probably due to the fact they are more interactive then print and the knitters are holding them accountable.

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RedThread said...

i wandered over here from LJ.
Now, does the pattern say "finished garment = 30""? Or does it say, "size L= 30" waist"? Because this puppy is gonna stretch, and you probably want negative ease (less than your actualy measurements). Which means that knitting it to pattern, if you wear a size 7, might even be too big for you. It would be nice if they gave more detailed sizes rather than S,M,L. So, in short, Cables stretch!