Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Meet the family.

I have a pet thing. Everytime the world goes poopy I get a new animal. Mainly cats. I currently have 2 dogs and 4 cats. I take the blame for the cats the dogs were everyone else's idea.

This is Goldie. She is a purebreed Rough Collie. There were 4 girls in her litter and everyone wanted her, but we got her. If she hadn't come with papers I'ed never believe she was a rough collie. There has to be some border in her. She is the most hyper dog I know. She barks at everything. Collies were bred to herd sheep. Goldie is nto the x-treme version. She herds cats.

This is Orange Blossom The First. He of many names. He is the second oldest cat. He is very hard to describe. He loves dogs. We got him about 3 weeks before we got Goldie. He took to Goldie immediately. (It's an orange thing.) His favourite pasttime is to be dragged around the linolium by his head. before you call the SPCA, the dog did it. I got Ohbz away but yeah the best way to put it is that OB1 is a bit of a painslut. This may be because Bottom over here is the single clumsiest cat in the history of ever. He will smack into a counter more often than make it onto it. He has missed my lap on several occasions, not only do I have skull shaped bruises on my calf to prove it but an 8 inch scar from that memorable time that he actually made it onto my lap and slid off and all the way down.

The infamous Mr. Mack Muffin. I hate his name. The SPCA called him Spotz. Yeah. I wanted to call him Mack. HE'S hardy barn cat cross. He's a manly cat (well was) and he needed a manly name like Mack, not dispite what my father will tell you, a name like, I dunno Muffin. My dad pointed out that with a name like Muffin he'ed have to be the toughest cat on the block. I have lost the war on this and he is now simply called Muffy. I am dying of not thrilled. (can you guess the other reason that dad wanbted to call him Muffin?)

Muffy is the oldest of the cats. He is the bossiest. He holds himself apart from the rest more. He is the unhurdable. Goldie has scars from learning that not all cats are hurdable. When other cats aren't around he is the most nervous cat I have ever owned. He'll jump 10 feet if you hit him with a paper ball when he isn't expecting it. I know, I am a horrible person.

Sam, my baby. The most interesting thing about Sam is cut out of this picture. He has no tail. He is a manx. They are wicked smart and shapped like a ball. They have a double coat of fur as well. For the better part of a year It was just me and Sam but we moved back in with my parents (please see aforementioned health issues) and he's now part of the hurd. My father has been trying to rename him. So far he has been Chester, and right now Socrates. There were a few passing fancies in between that are best left forgotten. Sam was named after the cat in Tanya Huff's Keeper Series. Oddly enough before he was old enough to be fixed (or broken depending on your point of view) he fathered a litter of 3 kittens. One of those cats was pure black. I named that one Austin. Don't get it-go read the books.

The astute may notice that there is only 3 cats and 1 dog here. I don't have any good pictures of the other 2 at the moment so I will leave them for another time.

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