Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today it is My b-day. yeay. This year I get a cake. Apparenly to convince my parents to get me a cake I have to gIve up all forms of life to take care of them 24/7. Am a bad person to complain about the impossibly high bar they set just to recieved baked goods on the anniversary of my birth?

Mom is doing well right now the first chemo is under our communal belts and she isn't really feeling tired or anything. Dad is , um...well he's complaining less than usual. My surgury has been booked and there is now forward motion which is keeping me complacent. I'm heading back to work 15 hours a week until September. No manager would be a bad thing so am full-time until they get somone bossier than me. Or Mom's Birthday in the middle of October which ever comes first. It'll be nice to have a paycheck and be able to pay off some of the bills that are accumulating, I miss seeing them and talking to the girls all the time, I want money -did i mention that?- and really it's not a bad place to work at all. However it totally takes away my knitting time. I have an aran calf length skirt to finish before September. I mean how inconsiderate is that huh?

So the things I asked for a swift, a ball winder, huge list of books and yarn. I got a video i-pod. Dad understands electronics. I'm not complaining it's just really funny in it's predictableness. I got sock yarn from 2 of my friends (socks!!) however I left it at thier house so I won't see it again until SATURDAY (!) and am going to make Pompotamus out of it. And am going to my fave restaurant tomorrow. The YB asked if I wanted a party today, dudes this is the first birthday party I've had since the one at McDonalds, I always go out and see everyone but my freinds were always the individual sort.

So yeah today is my 29th b-day. Now id you'll excuse me I have to go pick up my own cake.


Jo in Boston said...

Happy Birthday! (It's mine, too.)

LadyLungDoc said...

Too bad things arent' perfect for you on yor birthday. Hopefully you will have a great year to make up for it!!

Yarn Boy said...

Happy B-Day from your YB :D