Friday, August 11, 2006

Pondering and Nuances

I was about to title this reflections on being 29. I have been 29 for an entire day now and I think I have found the Knack of it. Well I can achieve the state of being easy enough for another 365 days anyways. However having had a cup of coffee and a big slice of double frosting cake this morning I dare say I am to hyper for anything so indepth as "reflecting". What I can achieve on my stimulant induced speeding is at best a "Secrets about Me you never Knew, and possibly never wanted too".

  • I hate wearing sleeves which is a problem as I work in a clothing store and the dress code is that you must wear current season clothes from the store, this is not always a good thing as I don't like wearing primary colours so sometimes pickings are slim. This season there are some gorgeous greens and this warm spicy carrot colour and browns with hardly any ucky colours in site. Now if only they didn't make everything long sleeved ... **breaks out the generation t book**
  • I am much more crafty than my blog shows mainly because my camera sucks way too much battery power, but I am a very crafty person **goes and knits herself a mustache so she can twirl it**
  • I secretly am wishing there was a laundry faery so I wouldn't have to do it.
  • my sewing machine and I are back on speaking terms now that we have replaced all the bobbins.
  • my knitting machine and I still aren't are speaking terms
  • I am planning on crocheting 12 scarves and knitting 8 more for Christmas, in addition to making 4 pullovers and 2 cardigans, and a doll, and about 4 pairs of mousie mittens, 2 hats...and....(there's more but I think I need to lie down for a bit.) and I actually think I'll be able to get it done.
  • I still think about what I want to be when I grow up (audiologist or the like)
  • I make fun of peoples clothes although I usually restrict it to magazines or people who wear really bad bras or slim leg pants on people with any amount of hips.
  • I want to cross stitch something but I think I actually just want to shop for cross stitch stuff
  • shopping is my anti-depressant, which is a vicious circle everytime the mastercard bill comes in
  • I can't spell vicious without help and it still doesn't look right to me
  • I want to go to Montreal just so I can brush up my french
  • If I find a good yarn sale online I don't tell anyone until I have bought what I want for myself, then I'll tell anyone who will listen
Also as I realized I sounded like I was whining yesterday and I probably was, I just like to point out that I never considered myself someone who could deal with problems and stress and I was the last person anyone would want with them in a crisis but what the last 2 months have thought me is I honestly don't have to be. When I start going though a rough time I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other because that's the only way to get out the otherside, isn't it?

Also Happy Belated Birthday Jo!! Hope yours had as much frosting as mine!!


Donni said...

Well coffee and cake is a great way to start the day - really! If you find the laundry fairy send them around to my place please and thank you

Yarn Boy said...

I would be your laundry fairy, but I doubt you want me rummaging thru your dirty undies.