Monday, September 18, 2006


Well the trip to Calgary is tomorrow (eep.) and it's down to the wire for the sweater. I had a brief daliance with a granny square. The possibility that I won't go to Calgary in a handknit was too awful to contemplate so I knit a purse last Thursday. I'll have to line it but that won't take to long (yeah right) I'll have plenty of time to finish the sleeves to the mesh sweater. Well here are pic of the purse modelled by my infamous mum and my dad.

This is the first picture that has been taken of my dad in YEARS (i think it runs int he family) and I can just imagine if he goes missing ... well people would be looking for him;>


Ian Drimes said...

Are you sure that you would get people to look for him if he goes missing?

Your mom looks good with purse hair :)

Cindiluhu said...

Your parents are a hoot! Have a good trip.