Thursday, October 12, 2006

There Has Been Knitting

I am completely exhausted. Anyone who knows anything about my life is fainting from not surprise at this pronouncement. Still work is being annoying on a level I can hardly believe. 19 days of work in a row. Now I will fully admit there are days I am there for 10-15 mins. But it takes at least 2 hours out of my life to be there those 10-15 mins. and I am quite thoroughly sick of it. I am not sure what I need to do about it but the situation will be changing - either I work things out where I can have a life or I collapse, either way = time off.

I got a call about my biopsy results and they are saying they came back high grade pre cancerous cells. Initial tests support that they removed all the damaged tissue. Originally it was going to be Dec before I was going to find the results so was a bit of a shock to get them yesterday. Especially @ 7pm. I am undecided if I am going to pursue further treatment. I am thinking about it but even if I go for 3 chemos it'll overlap with mum's radiation and I don't think that will work out at all. They aren't recomending any further treatment either but I will have a second test in December so I guess everything will be arranged then.

This week has seen a boom in knitting related activities. There is a scarf in progress (boring garter stitch with shaped floral crochet trim), I have almost completed the back of my Central Park Hoodie, Icarus is at a standstill but I think I'll be taking it to work tomorrow, and today I knit a hat. There will be pictures when I can find my camera. It's in my purse actually but my purse is really far and I don't want to admit I am to tired/lazy to go get it, thus the camera is "lost") It is socktober...i have no socks on the needles...I have sock yarn and patterns stratigically placed, items I have been dying to make, but the socks, they ain't happening. **SIGH** I should really start my gift knitting. Of course this will involve planning gift items and yarn purchases. Right now everything I have on the needles is for myself or my secret pal. I may restrict my gift knitting this year to 6 hats and 20 dishclothes, or something. I will be making another batch of my extra moisturizing soap, some homemade milk bath and I think I will be branching out into cookies this year too. I may crochet some scallop scarves for the girls at work too. Again if I have to go with mum and dad to Calgary and stay at the hospital 5 days a week, there will probably be knitting.

It amazes me how little knitting I actually seemed tohave done the past few weeks, or months. I think my shoulders have been buring the past few days because I am no longer used to knitting and I have been doing some pretty marathomn sessions. Please note the achey, burny feeling is slowing me down but not even coming close to stopping the knitting being done. I think I just need to build up my knitting muscles again. Dude, i'm gunna be buff.

Oh extra happy bonus points, I got my secret pal stuff all bought for this round, need to knit , and pack it up. As usual I over bought, so I have to decided what to do. I spent so much on the stuff I only have a certain amount in the budget for shipping, so I have to either return a few things or hold them for the next package. Next time I need to pick out some lighter things. Can you ship helium by Canada Post?


mjm knitting said...

glad to hear your on a knitting binge. the wrap i am working on is at a standstill and since i have somehow dropped two stitches it will have to be frogged back to the beginning yet again

Yarn Boy said...

I for one am glad that your back to knitting, it gives me something to do with myself on tuesday nightsb :D
I had nothing to do with you over buying this time, am I losing my skills as an enabler?