Saturday, October 14, 2006

Up Next On Fox: "When Startitis attacks!"

Dudes. There are no words at all. I have cast on more projects than I can name off hand. I started fingerless mitts for myself as it's starting to get cold out and every morning I am wishing I had a pair. I started the Central Park Hoodie because I thinkI may be able to wear it to work, at least once, plus I need a self knitted sweater. I cast on a hat for my secret pal, because she said she wanted one-and I finished it too. Please note the pathetic attempts at justifying myself here. This is in attempt to get the half completed Icarus to stop looking at me with those big puppy dog/alpaca eyes.

There will be photos but in the height of irony I have actually misplaced the camera. Dont you love it when irony gets ironic?

1 comment:

Ian Drimes said...

I thought that was Star-tit-ies, I was very worried.