Sunday, November 26, 2006

Heaven-Sent Secret Pal.

Hi Secret Pal of infinte seeming patience who is somewhere on the Ocean speaking Italian and eating great food. **waves a lot to be seen** Hi! My co-woprkers say hi! My friends say HI! The postal people say hi! Pretty much if you ever come to town you'll be a wee bit famous. See, how can I put this, i am an enthusiastic kinda girl.

I am very polar. I feel strongly about things so when I got your package, I dragged it along with me for a few days. Going look! Look! See what my secret pal sent me!! Feel this yarn! Look at the yardage on the huge skein there! Smell this! I'ed be grabbing the random old person having geizer coffee in the mall demanding they acknowldge my gifts. Security would come by and they had to too. If they were hesitent or not gushy enough it lead to more stuffing of skeins in faces with exclimations, LOOK at this!, Did you FEEL how soft it is? There needed to be awe. Cuz the package was too cool for school.

Now I have the net and my (freaking) camera at my disposal so I have a potentially limitless audience. Ha! LOOK AT THIS!!!

Now I have to admit the skein of Cherry Hill Bouile Looked way More impressive before I wound it by hand...for 5 hours...straight...only to know my aunt who never knits has a ball winder. Life is unfair. Anyways, I cast on for a shawl but it wasn't working out. I want womething with a less angular design so I came up with this The seascape shawl is curvy and the aqua, blues, greens and purples I think should be associated with water. So I have the pattern coming from Elann.

There is great knitpick and regina yarn. Again with my sock gauge so out of wack I am afraid to make socks, but maybe a scarflet or something. It;'s funny I had wanted that exact shade of memories yarn in my basket at KnitPicks! My sp must be a mind reader!! The Regina yarn is in the provincial colours. I am pretty sure that that is the BC colourway. However, looking through mary Maxim...I have to admit my sp could be nova scotian. (the box said bc). Also a hardcover of the happy Hooker. That skirt I have it opened too...I've already started it.

In the non yarn Catagory the happiness continued!! She picked out this puck ( I am too canadian!) of body and hair sparkles. This amazing "lip squeek" that with my cold is sooooo mice on my chapped lips. Instant relief and it smells like apple pie! Which is kinda a sweet torture as it's right under my nose. Seriously if you can find that stuff go hard. There is a bathbomb that will be saved until I can freely use both nostrils. And I don't know how she did it but there is a candel that smells like ROSES AND APPLES!! This is my favourite kinda of scent ever. The only thing I ever found I didn't have to mix myself was cassis rose at the body shop. And there was TWIX! There is no words. And a really cool card. My SP, she has great handwriting.

Above and beyond all I did this more to meet other knitters and I really like my secret pal. She is well spoken and understanding. While I am over the moon at the package she sent I have to say I am just glad I am getting to meet this really cool person.


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Anonymous said...

I am sooo happy to hear how much you liked the parcel! Now that I'm back, the spoiling can continue. Christmas wish list? Elann? Knitpicks? I used to work in a wool shop and I'm still on good terms with the owner, so let 'er rip. ;)
Your SP