Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kniting Mojo

If anyone has seen my knitting mojo please kindly show it the way back home. I've spent the past week sick and on my couch. Or in my Menthol Mausoleaum-Benadril Menthol Plug-ins, if you are stuffy go get some-and NOT knitting. Oh I want to knit, I ahve a ton of knitting books laying around the problem is the fiber doesnt match the patterns, or I'm missing needles. Everything I have OTN is boring me to tears (this is especially true of the Christmas Gifts -Boring stockingette hat, Boring Garter stitch scarf, Even Boring Basic Cable Scarf). What is a mojo-less girl to do but stare at the Rams Wool catalog and marvel at the words Kit and Pattern Included?

1 comment:

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