Friday, November 17, 2006

Rambling Friday Update

  • exhaustion is not my friend. i got so tired yesterday that i can't remember it. i know i left work early (by about an hour) and that my head hurt so bad i couldn't keep advil down until i slept a bit. someone please explain to me how i don't qualify for stress leave under Canadian ei laws? Would i really leave work if by some miracle i did qualify?
  • i hate Canada post, there is more yarn en route to my house than is safe to admit (i think that moths are hacking the internet as you read this, i order from many sources just to be on the safe side) and honestly with the cold snap i think the postal employees are stuffing it under their coats and the like to keep warm. Like it's my fault they decided to wear short in November!! Throw that and the fact it was a holiday for them Monday and yeah, am getting very anxious to get my hands on my yarn. If you are looking for good Canadian sites to order from there will be a list on the bottom of the page.
  • my secret pal package is still enroute as well, i can say this without fear of giving my upstream secret pal heart attacks as she is off on vacation, having fabulous food and speaking Italian. Am jealous except for i have no idea how to speak Italian, this includes ordering food.
  • my second package to my down stream pal is ready except for the fact that the yarn is in transit. Mom goes to Calgary for a radiation assessment in the beginning of December. There is a yarn store about 4 blocks away. i want instant gratification!
  • i bought a schwak of books from, (which now that i think of it i ordered after yarn proving my mail carrier/shorts theory) I got a pattern a day calendar, which is less than 352 patters as they squish sat and Sunday together and some patterns take more than a days worth of paper. i feel a bit jipped but all and all it was a good purchase. i picked up one skein wonders-i am kinda meh on it, i don't have enough lone skeins yet to do much with it but if i ever finish a project i will ;>. And i picked up knitting nature. There are 2 patterns out of the whole book that made me just go wow i must make that but the concept is really interesting, and the mathy/science behind the patterns is going to probably just enthrall him.
  • i am buying red clothing. Not a lot but a little. It doesn't look like Christmas out in the world hardly at all and i am really feeling Christmas-y. (for the Christmas squeamish do not look at my ipod). i still own very little primary coloured yarn by choice as i don't think i could take red, yellow or bright primary blue for a long stretch (teal and aqua, we can talk). ((yes yb it is primaries i don't like, i do like pastels.))
  • i want to see the next bond movie. It seems to have more of a sense of play then some of the others. Happy feet opens today as well, i just want to know what its about.
  • Jericho is a show every single knitter in the world should watch. If anyone complains about your stash just point at the TV and say as hysterically as possible, look tomorrow i may not be able to buy more. I'll be the only one who can make clothes for the winter!

since i know you are all breathlessly waiting for it here is my list of great Canadian yarn retailers here they are: this is a really good vendor. Got one of my packages promptly, still waiting for the other but i ordered only a short time ago. She will wind one ball for you, maybe two before charging $1 a ball. She also answers all her e-mail personally and the response time is pretty good on weekends and great on weekdays. They carry mainly sock weights and lace weights again i ordered 2 packages from them and sadly neither has arrived. But they are very helpful and promt giving answers and replies. Again a heavy focus on lace weight and socks, but there are some pretty cool inexpensive aran/worsted weights. They have a wish list feature i really like and they are willing to wind balls (sensing a theme?) ok i admit it this is Australian but i love them none the less. i am willing to order from there because when you convert money it's in my favour and there is no duty to pay on the goods! They have gorgeous yarns all done up by them, and great service. They will also wind balls for free if you ask. Sadly no wish list but for the record i am in love with their grace colourway. squee. it's a staple. i haven't ordered anything from them recently but they have a few new yarns i must have so i will be ordering from them again soon. dudes. This place is HUGE. i found them after the cc ran out. Naturally. This is the Canadian version of webs! I must order from this place if only to get their catalog. Also it's nice to see some heavier weights for those of us who don't want to knit arans from sock yarn (i say with love). When i order from here I'll let you know how it goes.

ttfn hopefully i have yarn porn to show you tomorrow.


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Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels, Primaries not pastels,

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Hey chica! I checked with the post before I left and it said you had received the parcel. Do you still not have it? There's something wrong if you don't. And, oh yeah, greetings from somewhere in the Atlantic!
Your SP
PS: feel better!