Friday, November 03, 2006

Ranting Retailer

Life has been making me a little more time contrained than usual. All non work hours are being devoted to parental supervision and will result in my strangling someone soon. Guess who...

Work has been a bit more of a ...challange...than I personally appreciate. There was a mighty dumping of 40+ boxes in 2 days, right after we re-did the whole store. We were given a list of items that would not be in for 2 weeks so we could alter our plans accordingly, unfortunately, H/O lied. And after tearing apart work on the weekend, I had to do it again Tuesday. There were words said, and yes they were migh-T hostile and more than marginally unflattering. It triggered the e-mail heared around the counrty and here's hoping it gets my ass fired. ;> It will probably enspire a blog about ranting about retail. Yep people,a s you go out and begin your holiday shopping, some of those cheerful grins are actually a little clenched, and those big huge desks between you and us are there so we don't cause bodily injury when the shoppers get stupid.

Question: Why do so many people forget that we are employees not servants? We are there to help you make your purchace and make sure you are happy about it. You forget please and thank you I may forget your foot is not the best place to drop my stock box. Common curtesy is sadly not as common as one would hope.

That said WCB is taking care of my claim, and I found out that I have had so many reports I have my own case worker, I think she helps other people too, but all mine go to her. That bee sting I got while working made me famous. The knitting finger incident was just a clincher. My former boss was pretty much a "you report everything" kinda person and that has influenced me greatly, tho it does cause a great deal of paperwork when your as accident prone as I am. I am the only person I know that works in a mall, that has gotten stung by a bee in the line of duty. I am so accident prone I have become a band-aid snob!

A sample of the e-mail heard around the world. "If you send me so much stock I can no longer see the backroom door you cannot complain when I hang my coat and hat on a slow moving customer."

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