Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sick days

To get this out of the way I have started writing a SP post about a week go then I got a cold, this isn't a bad thing, people snuffle and can carry on, however my MOM caught it...and didn't tell me about it...for four days. By then she was so sick I had to half carry her to the hospital. Her diminished white blood cells are fighting pretty good and after only 2 days she's almost herself again -she's not leaving the house today, dispite what she thinks- but she can walk without falling over. Everything in life got pushed back a couple of days. This is the worst thing that has happened since her surgery and as it comes after the last chemo I realize we couldn't have had it any better.

On a personal note the cold has robbed me of my voice. Yesterday was moonlight madness at work and I had to work (they could have done it without me actually but I feel responsible to the place and thus HAD to be there) and my strained voice was efficeint enough for working BUT today it's gone. My throat doesn't hurt much but my vocal cords are so swollen they feel like pool cues. And my voice is gone. Now previously when I have lost my voice, I still spoke. Not this time. I CAN'T. Not at all. This SUCKS. Unless you know me ;>


mjm knitting said...

what a fabulous sp package!
and some very yummy yarn!
i'm still working on my "angular" shawl, as christmas knitting has taken over.

mjm knitting said...

hope your mum is doing better.
and you too.
the above comment is suppost to be with the above post. oopsie...

Yarn Boy said...

Now that you have your voice back, it is a very sexy, deep and raspy :D