Monday, November 20, 2006

Stash Issues, me?

I have been discovering the joys of the internet shopping. I rarely feel the lack of paypal too much of a detriment. (Is there a reason they need my SIN My First stop was I picked up Knitting Nature. I love the complex math that is behind the patterns and somem of the patterns don't appreal to me now , but I am eyeing a bunch with an eye that says I'll probably have them grow on me. The patterns are clear and concise, the writting is intreaguing and thoughtful. One Skein wonders is a good book to have. Quick presents and misc. knitting projectshandy. This is the book that has the most patterns. The calender is ok, the best part was they have a page where you can submit your own patterns for next years. Squee!

Theere was stash purchased oh yes. I got all this in 2 seperate orders from

They charged me to wind the ballafter they twice said they would not. This isn't really a big huge scandal from a monitary standpoint, it was a buck, but I really feel let down that I was lied to or mislead on 2 occasions. The product is as stated online and the colours are pretty accurate, the cost is on the low side and shipping prompt. I'ed use them again but I probably wont be recomending them to people I meet in person (like I did last week). The pointy bit, the yarn is from Left to right:

Lightweight and lustrous lace weight (2/18) yarn. Combined merino wool and tussah silk lend elegance, sheen and softness to this wonderful yarn. 1260yds per 115g / 1/4 lb skein. 1 skein is
enough to knit a triangular lacey shawl. For the very finest in lace knitting! In Lady Slipper. I ordereed this first and realize between this and my Icarus all my lace weight was pink.

Merino Lace
Superfine Merino Lace weight (2/18) from Jagger Yarns. 115g skeins of gloriously fine and soft pure merino wool in lace weight. Skeins are 1260yds - 1 will do a full sized triangular shawl or several lacey scarves. Beautiful. Soft! In Deep Purple. Look not pink!

Super new lace weight fine merino from the fabulous Filatura di Crosa, Italy. 100% Merino Wool, 100g skeins are 1400m/1530yds - lots to make a gorgeous lacy shawl, scarf, veil or gloves. Machine washable! Soft! Lovely! In Lilac. Oerdered at the same time as Merino. Also picked up another skien for a gift.

Shepherd Sock
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is a beautfully hand dyed mix of 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon (for durability). Fingering or sock weight each skein is 50g and 215yds. 2 skeins make a pair of gorgeous, long lasting socks. This is the Jester colourway. I orered this with the Zephyr. I am too scared to cast on as my sock guage is HUGE! Plus I can now say I own some Lorna's Laces. I feel like such a grown up little blogger.

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Cindiluhu said...

I have the Jaeger in Ladyslipper as well. All 5,000 yards of it. I've been collecting a lot of lace weight but have yet to do anything with it. It's getting to be as bad as my sock yarn stash. But at least I've finally started knitting socks.