Monday, December 18, 2006

Is dog fur a tree trimming?

How about full grown cats? Sam Sam and Spooky have been spotted perched high up in the boughs of our Christmas Tree. Ohbz has tired twice but he has knocked the tree over, at 2 am then apparently jumped on my dad in bed to specifically tell him "I didn't do it" 30 pounds of Ohbz with fish breath not the way to wake up. Though if he sits on your chest you may not wake up at all....

Goldie has taken it as her personal duty to protect the tree, in her mind indoor doggie plumbing, from the cats. She chases them away and sleeps under the tree, only problem is if she is laying beneath the tree and a cat approaches that side of the room she jumps up and chases them knocking the tree over, so I am not sure what she is protecting the tree from, but she is vry proud of herself. She seems to also enjoy rubbing against our faux forestry, as the bristles are a good comb so we have some , um... extra fluffy snow on the base of our tree. I put tinfoil on the base of the because it's supposed to discourage cats from goinging around or up it (btw it works for the day). Ohbz discovered a path that minimized the tinfoilness and then showed each cat in turn. It was funny he led them one after another to show them how to bypass the tin foil. Even my cats have the Christmas Spirit!

Spooky now loves tinfoil and has been caught sleeping under it, when asked he said "So the ailens can't reprogram my brain!" His behavior has gotten progressively more unusual and diva like since we let him star in a major motion picture. You have probably heard of John Travolta's "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble " ( Well a few weeks ago we we approched by a few folks from LaLa Land and Spooky was Tapped to play lead in the sequal : "The Cat in the Plastic Bubble" The producers were kind enough to send some publicity photos.

I think the Scientologists got to him. He was spotted jumping on the couch proclaiming his love for the froggie cat nip squeekie. Were planning an intervention followed by an eggnog social.

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