Friday, December 15, 2006

Mitten Knittin Kitten Muffin Yo.

I got a little care package from Elann yesterday/ I ordered some of their Kidd Silk Haze. It's Ok not as soft as I'ed like. I think I am going to make a Christmas scarf. Or a few. So behind on the Christmas knitting. 1 FO ain't going to cut it, You know. I need to catch the flu. I can garter stitch with flu. Hell I can garter stitch while having a root canal, ask me how I know.

Also from Elann I ordered this book: ( Edit:I just checked Elann I think I got thier last copy! And I couldn't find it on any other sites either.)

I had 2 balls of Elann's Baby Silk so I could start some right away. Which I did. I figured out the fringe on it and all, but again my dpn gauge is pretty scary. I am making mittens for a 5 year old but they fit me. Well, the cuff does. I'm not that fast at all. I don't plan on keeping the mittens, mittens I want to do a repeat of the pattern then I'm frogging it. It is destined to become this.

Probably not in time for Christmas. I want to master 2 colour knitting? Well then I have to do it. Next stop will be intarsia land....later... I may order more skeins and make matching mitts. I bought a new winter coat this year(White makes me look tall) and am knitting a neapolitan scarf (pink, white and tan disco yarn) and I want a matching Latvian gloves and a fair isle hat in matching pattern. I think I will use Baby Cashmere for myself.

Muffin? A few years ago, maybe one, I was playing an online fantasy game, a mild free version of WoW. A young 13 year old girl tried to scam me out of gold coins and loot. And she tried to do it very very badly. It was laughable. But really I was nice about it. When she realized I wasn't going to be "conned" she called me a muffin. I spent the next few hours following her around bugging her about the muffin thing. Really I was so nice to her and got called a Muffin for my trouble. The consensus of my American Friends was Blueberry, My Canadian friends all say Tim Horton's fruit explosion.


Ian said...

1)you can gater stich while having a root canal but the crotch nazi stop you, how unfair.


Anonymous said...

Clicked over from your comment on CAP and love your headline -
so I'll read, thank you!