Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kniting Mojo

If anyone has seen my knitting mojo please kindly show it the way back home. I've spent the past week sick and on my couch. Or in my Menthol Mausoleaum-Benadril Menthol Plug-ins, if you are stuffy go get some-and NOT knitting. Oh I want to knit, I ahve a ton of knitting books laying around the problem is the fiber doesnt match the patterns, or I'm missing needles. Everything I have OTN is boring me to tears (this is especially true of the Christmas Gifts -Boring stockingette hat, Boring Garter stitch scarf, Even Boring Basic Cable Scarf). What is a mojo-less girl to do but stare at the Rams Wool catalog and marvel at the words Kit and Pattern Included?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Heaven-Sent Secret Pal.

Hi Secret Pal of infinte seeming patience who is somewhere on the Ocean speaking Italian and eating great food. **waves a lot to be seen** Hi! My co-woprkers say hi! My friends say HI! The postal people say hi! Pretty much if you ever come to town you'll be a wee bit famous. See, how can I put this, i am an enthusiastic kinda girl.

I am very polar. I feel strongly about things so when I got your package, I dragged it along with me for a few days. Going look! Look! See what my secret pal sent me!! Feel this yarn! Look at the yardage on the huge skein there! Smell this! I'ed be grabbing the random old person having geizer coffee in the mall demanding they acknowldge my gifts. Security would come by and they had to too. If they were hesitent or not gushy enough it lead to more stuffing of skeins in faces with exclimations, LOOK at this!, Did you FEEL how soft it is? There needed to be awe. Cuz the package was too cool for school.

Now I have the net and my (freaking) camera at my disposal so I have a potentially limitless audience. Ha! LOOK AT THIS!!!

Now I have to admit the skein of Cherry Hill Bouile Looked way More impressive before I wound it by hand...for 5 hours...straight...only to know my aunt who never knits has a ball winder. Life is unfair. Anyways, I cast on for a shawl but it wasn't working out. I want womething with a less angular design so I came up with this The seascape shawl is curvy and the aqua, blues, greens and purples I think should be associated with water. So I have the pattern coming from Elann.

There is great knitpick and regina yarn. Again with my sock gauge so out of wack I am afraid to make socks, but maybe a scarflet or something. It;'s funny I had wanted that exact shade of memories yarn in my basket at KnitPicks! My sp must be a mind reader!! The Regina yarn is in the provincial colours. I am pretty sure that that is the BC colourway. However, looking through mary Maxim...I have to admit my sp could be nova scotian. (the box said bc). Also a hardcover of the happy Hooker. That skirt I have it opened too...I've already started it.

In the non yarn Catagory the happiness continued!! She picked out this puck ( I am too canadian!) of body and hair sparkles. This amazing "lip squeek" that with my cold is sooooo mice on my chapped lips. Instant relief and it smells like apple pie! Which is kinda a sweet torture as it's right under my nose. Seriously if you can find that stuff go hard. There is a bathbomb that will be saved until I can freely use both nostrils. And I don't know how she did it but there is a candel that smells like ROSES AND APPLES!! This is my favourite kinda of scent ever. The only thing I ever found I didn't have to mix myself was cassis rose at the body shop. And there was TWIX! There is no words. And a really cool card. My SP, she has great handwriting.

Above and beyond all I did this more to meet other knitters and I really like my secret pal. She is well spoken and understanding. While I am over the moon at the package she sent I have to say I am just glad I am getting to meet this really cool person.


Sick days

To get this out of the way I have started writing a SP post about a week go then I got a cold, this isn't a bad thing, people snuffle and can carry on, however my MOM caught it...and didn't tell me about it...for four days. By then she was so sick I had to half carry her to the hospital. Her diminished white blood cells are fighting pretty good and after only 2 days she's almost herself again -she's not leaving the house today, dispite what she thinks- but she can walk without falling over. Everything in life got pushed back a couple of days. This is the worst thing that has happened since her surgery and as it comes after the last chemo I realize we couldn't have had it any better.

On a personal note the cold has robbed me of my voice. Yesterday was moonlight madness at work and I had to work (they could have done it without me actually but I feel responsible to the place and thus HAD to be there) and my strained voice was efficeint enough for working BUT today it's gone. My throat doesn't hurt much but my vocal cords are so swollen they feel like pool cues. And my voice is gone. Now previously when I have lost my voice, I still spoke. Not this time. I CAN'T. Not at all. This SUCKS. Unless you know me ;>

Monday, November 20, 2006

Stash Issues, me?

I have been discovering the joys of the internet shopping. I rarely feel the lack of paypal too much of a detriment. (Is there a reason they need my SIN My First stop was I picked up Knitting Nature. I love the complex math that is behind the patterns and somem of the patterns don't appreal to me now , but I am eyeing a bunch with an eye that says I'll probably have them grow on me. The patterns are clear and concise, the writting is intreaguing and thoughtful. One Skein wonders is a good book to have. Quick presents and misc. knitting projectshandy. This is the book that has the most patterns. The calender is ok, the best part was they have a page where you can submit your own patterns for next years. Squee!

Theere was stash purchased oh yes. I got all this in 2 seperate orders from

They charged me to wind the ballafter they twice said they would not. This isn't really a big huge scandal from a monitary standpoint, it was a buck, but I really feel let down that I was lied to or mislead on 2 occasions. The product is as stated online and the colours are pretty accurate, the cost is on the low side and shipping prompt. I'ed use them again but I probably wont be recomending them to people I meet in person (like I did last week). The pointy bit, the yarn is from Left to right:

Lightweight and lustrous lace weight (2/18) yarn. Combined merino wool and tussah silk lend elegance, sheen and softness to this wonderful yarn. 1260yds per 115g / 1/4 lb skein. 1 skein is
enough to knit a triangular lacey shawl. For the very finest in lace knitting! In Lady Slipper. I ordereed this first and realize between this and my Icarus all my lace weight was pink.

Merino Lace
Superfine Merino Lace weight (2/18) from Jagger Yarns. 115g skeins of gloriously fine and soft pure merino wool in lace weight. Skeins are 1260yds - 1 will do a full sized triangular shawl or several lacey scarves. Beautiful. Soft! In Deep Purple. Look not pink!

Super new lace weight fine merino from the fabulous Filatura di Crosa, Italy. 100% Merino Wool, 100g skeins are 1400m/1530yds - lots to make a gorgeous lacy shawl, scarf, veil or gloves. Machine washable! Soft! Lovely! In Lilac. Oerdered at the same time as Merino. Also picked up another skien for a gift.

Shepherd Sock
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is a beautfully hand dyed mix of 80% superwash wool and 20% nylon (for durability). Fingering or sock weight each skein is 50g and 215yds. 2 skeins make a pair of gorgeous, long lasting socks. This is the Jester colourway. I orered this with the Zephyr. I am too scared to cast on as my sock guage is HUGE! Plus I can now say I own some Lorna's Laces. I feel like such a grown up little blogger.

Caution: Do not Feed Blogger

Blogspot has eaten no less than 3 of my post today. I am unamused. Painfully so.

SP-my dear, I have recieved thine very awesome package after less than awesome postal service, (dont ask). There are even pictures however Blogger has made them a 3 course meal. There will be another attempt to show the 'Verse How very wonderful you have been to me when I am less likely to try to kill the entire internet. I didn't think you had access to the net so I figured a day's delay wouldn't be too bad. Sorry to worry you.

Thank You

This has been a public service annoucement. Had this been a real emergency we would have said screw you and took off without notifying you.


I usually have, well a lot on the needles. It suits me. I want to knit, I want to feel the potential of each and every project I start, I want a challange. After I get those things I, um, move on ..a bit.. Why, with my attention span, do i not consider FINISHING a project to be a challange? Let's face facts with my stunning lack ability to concentrate for more than 5 minutes it would be a challange. These are the long awaited photos of the WIP in ...well, current rotation. (Also please consider the near miracle that my camera and I were at the same place at the same time for the first time in months.)

Pattern: Lace Edged Coat
From: Knitscene 05
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Harvest
Completed: Back and most of a front (shown) and there should be another front kicking around here somewhere or I am going to be uber short on yarn!

Thoughts: I needed 3 not 2 strands held together I think. It's knitting bigger than I thoughton the other hand so a bit of felting should get the fabric a little tighter. So far it's BO-RING. Garter stitch, all of it. Yawnsville. The redeeming feature it's on really big needles. So it theoretically goes way faster. There has been some pooling issues but I am ok with it for the most part. I plan on making the matching skirt, but that one will have to be 3 stands for sure.

The big feature of it is the crochet trim. I am going to have to use another dyelot for the trim but I can live with that. I really can't wait to get to it.
Want to see what it's supposed to look like check it out here:

Pattern:Trellis Scarf
From:Sprin 06 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Brushed Suri From Blue Sky Alpacha in Earl Grey
Completed:not a hell of a lot

Thoughts:I decided since the yarn had the word Alpacha in it, it'ed be a substitue for the recomended yarn (Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud (100% baby alpaca; 440 yd [402 m]/50 g): #C82 smoke, 1 skein.) For the record I am trying to replace a lace weight with across between DK and Worsted.Surprising to no one with any knitting sense at all. I am having difficulties, especially since I kept the recommended needle size. This was going to be a gift, I like it a lot but knitting 7 together is damn near impossble. So off to something a little easier if I am to have a hope and/or prayer of finishing it for Christmas.

It's brushed to so I think I wont even beable to reclaim the yarn. **sob**
to compare look here:

Pattern: Icarus Shawl
From:Summer 06 Interweave Knits
Yarn: Misti Alpacha Lace in Baby Pink
Completed: Am just a few rows away from the mysterious chart 2.

Thoughts: Pray for me kittens, for I amy be deeply, deeply screwed. I bought 2 balls of baby alpacha wool in Calgary. it's 400m a ball. the yarn requirements are as follows :Alpaca Yarn Co. Suri Elegance (100% suri alpaca; 875 yd [800 m]/ 100 g): #3001 Pearl Harbor grey, 1 skein. What they don't tell you is it pretty much takes EXACTLY 800 meters. You have inches left! Inches!! I took off about 2 feet of yarn as I kept fuggling up the cast on, and it got mighty frayed (so did I but thats another story). It's entirely possible I willonly have enough yarn of bind off half! **wimper** If anyone has about 30 feet of Misti Alpaca Lace 2 ply, 100% Baby Alpaca , in Baby Pink (#0524) Dye lot 9006, lemme know!

For the non lace initiated this is a great starting point with some pretty mindless repititions. (Yeah I got a little bored) To ooh and ah at the finished project go to

Pattern:Central Park Hoodie
From: Knitscene 06
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Leaf Green
Completed: Back and am up to the sleeves on both fronts.

Thoughts:This was the yarn I bought to make the Lace Trim Sweater at the top. I bought enough balls to make the coat and proabably half the trim. (I bought out the dyelot entirely) , the Harvest colour above was to be the matching skirt but things go awry. I took Icarus and knitting to be named later, and I wanted to cast on the Lace Trim Sweater (now to be knows as LTS)but I had the wrong sized needles. I thus used the yarn handy and cast on the Central Park Hoodie, because I can't NOT knit. I got past the considerable ribbing that night and there was no going back. Maybe if i hadn't finished the ribbing I would have ripped back and done up all the projects as I planned (Central Park was supposed to be Pink!) But I didn't and I guess I have to live with that now, don't I? It's a pretty basic sweater, While working on the fronts I got bored. I will finish this sweater though. It's to basic not to.

View Here:

OMFG I just went to look for the photo and I saw a link for corrections. Under “Left Front”
Row 2 (WS) *K2, p2; rep from * to end of row.
Under “Hood”
Dec row (RS) Work to 3 sts before m, k2tog, k1, sl m, k1, ssk, work to end.

Guess what I did. Pardon Me I need to cry and eat some chocolate. Possibly garrot myself with the circs.

From: Knitty Winter O5
Yarn: Trekking XXL
Completed:1 Cuff and chart 1

Thoughts: This sock is in semi-permident detention, through no fault of it's own. I can't get my printer and PC to talk to each other. While I was willing to do Chart 1 By hand, the rest, not so much. Also while taking this picture I realized this is huge!. My guage on socks is massive. I wonce cast on a sock in the same weight and needlesize only to end up with a hat! Any advice on sock guage is welcome. Gads.

I have come to the comclusion I almost always cast on projects everyone else is doing. I'm a sheep, which all things consitered isn't a baaaa-d (sorry) thing for a knitter to be, beats a lemming by a mile. Still this is most of the current rotation. There are a few Christmas Gifts and secret pal stuff on and off needles I can't blog about yet. But I blogged and that is something, right?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rambling Friday Update

  • exhaustion is not my friend. i got so tired yesterday that i can't remember it. i know i left work early (by about an hour) and that my head hurt so bad i couldn't keep advil down until i slept a bit. someone please explain to me how i don't qualify for stress leave under Canadian ei laws? Would i really leave work if by some miracle i did qualify?
  • i hate Canada post, there is more yarn en route to my house than is safe to admit (i think that moths are hacking the internet as you read this, i order from many sources just to be on the safe side) and honestly with the cold snap i think the postal employees are stuffing it under their coats and the like to keep warm. Like it's my fault they decided to wear short in November!! Throw that and the fact it was a holiday for them Monday and yeah, am getting very anxious to get my hands on my yarn. If you are looking for good Canadian sites to order from there will be a list on the bottom of the page.
  • my secret pal package is still enroute as well, i can say this without fear of giving my upstream secret pal heart attacks as she is off on vacation, having fabulous food and speaking Italian. Am jealous except for i have no idea how to speak Italian, this includes ordering food.
  • my second package to my down stream pal is ready except for the fact that the yarn is in transit. Mom goes to Calgary for a radiation assessment in the beginning of December. There is a yarn store about 4 blocks away. i want instant gratification!
  • i bought a schwak of books from, (which now that i think of it i ordered after yarn proving my mail carrier/shorts theory) I got a pattern a day calendar, which is less than 352 patters as they squish sat and Sunday together and some patterns take more than a days worth of paper. i feel a bit jipped but all and all it was a good purchase. i picked up one skein wonders-i am kinda meh on it, i don't have enough lone skeins yet to do much with it but if i ever finish a project i will ;>. And i picked up knitting nature. There are 2 patterns out of the whole book that made me just go wow i must make that but the concept is really interesting, and the mathy/science behind the patterns is going to probably just enthrall him.
  • i am buying red clothing. Not a lot but a little. It doesn't look like Christmas out in the world hardly at all and i am really feeling Christmas-y. (for the Christmas squeamish do not look at my ipod). i still own very little primary coloured yarn by choice as i don't think i could take red, yellow or bright primary blue for a long stretch (teal and aqua, we can talk). ((yes yb it is primaries i don't like, i do like pastels.))
  • i want to see the next bond movie. It seems to have more of a sense of play then some of the others. Happy feet opens today as well, i just want to know what its about.
  • Jericho is a show every single knitter in the world should watch. If anyone complains about your stash just point at the TV and say as hysterically as possible, look tomorrow i may not be able to buy more. I'll be the only one who can make clothes for the winter!

since i know you are all breathlessly waiting for it here is my list of great Canadian yarn retailers here they are: this is a really good vendor. Got one of my packages promptly, still waiting for the other but i ordered only a short time ago. She will wind one ball for you, maybe two before charging $1 a ball. She also answers all her e-mail personally and the response time is pretty good on weekends and great on weekdays. They carry mainly sock weights and lace weights again i ordered 2 packages from them and sadly neither has arrived. But they are very helpful and promt giving answers and replies. Again a heavy focus on lace weight and socks, but there are some pretty cool inexpensive aran/worsted weights. They have a wish list feature i really like and they are willing to wind balls (sensing a theme?) ok i admit it this is Australian but i love them none the less. i am willing to order from there because when you convert money it's in my favour and there is no duty to pay on the goods! They have gorgeous yarns all done up by them, and great service. They will also wind balls for free if you ask. Sadly no wish list but for the record i am in love with their grace colourway. squee. it's a staple. i haven't ordered anything from them recently but they have a few new yarns i must have so i will be ordering from them again soon. dudes. This place is HUGE. i found them after the cc ran out. Naturally. This is the Canadian version of webs! I must order from this place if only to get their catalog. Also it's nice to see some heavier weights for those of us who don't want to knit arans from sock yarn (i say with love). When i order from here I'll let you know how it goes.

ttfn hopefully i have yarn porn to show you tomorrow.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Ranting Retailer

Life has been making me a little more time contrained than usual. All non work hours are being devoted to parental supervision and will result in my strangling someone soon. Guess who...

Work has been a bit more of a ...challange...than I personally appreciate. There was a mighty dumping of 40+ boxes in 2 days, right after we re-did the whole store. We were given a list of items that would not be in for 2 weeks so we could alter our plans accordingly, unfortunately, H/O lied. And after tearing apart work on the weekend, I had to do it again Tuesday. There were words said, and yes they were migh-T hostile and more than marginally unflattering. It triggered the e-mail heared around the counrty and here's hoping it gets my ass fired. ;> It will probably enspire a blog about ranting about retail. Yep people,a s you go out and begin your holiday shopping, some of those cheerful grins are actually a little clenched, and those big huge desks between you and us are there so we don't cause bodily injury when the shoppers get stupid.

Question: Why do so many people forget that we are employees not servants? We are there to help you make your purchace and make sure you are happy about it. You forget please and thank you I may forget your foot is not the best place to drop my stock box. Common curtesy is sadly not as common as one would hope.

That said WCB is taking care of my claim, and I found out that I have had so many reports I have my own case worker, I think she helps other people too, but all mine go to her. That bee sting I got while working made me famous. The knitting finger incident was just a clincher. My former boss was pretty much a "you report everything" kinda person and that has influenced me greatly, tho it does cause a great deal of paperwork when your as accident prone as I am. I am the only person I know that works in a mall, that has gotten stung by a bee in the line of duty. I am so accident prone I have become a band-aid snob!

A sample of the e-mail heard around the world. "If you send me so much stock I can no longer see the backroom door you cannot complain when I hang my coat and hat on a slow moving customer."