Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Last SP package *sniff*

This post is dedicated to my SP who blogs at You should totally go and tell her how awesome she is and sympatize about the frogging of the sweater. Dudes. I AM SO THERE. But more on that in a few days as I am still fairly bitter. And I didn't get half as far as she did! But anyways look at this package and tell me she doesn't rock. You can't, can you?

There is Fleece Artist, in my favourite, Aran weight. Aran weight totally kicks worsted butt. (Is it odd I have favourite weights of yarn, that variations in say (4) on the weight chart are almost distingushable to me and that I have degrees of, for example, Chunky weight all catagorized in my mind. It is odd isn't it?)

She spotted that on my sock swap questionaire that there was a general leaning to orange so I got handpainted Opal sock yarn!

She went to this Japanese dollar store and got me some really cool knittng stuff like a lint shaver, itiy (and possibly even bitty) scissors, a journal, stitch holders (just in time for my fingerless mitts), some leaves that are supposed to smell like apples ( they probably do but I haven't opened them yet as it's really late and I should have been in bed an hour ago but there is new yarn that must be acknowledged as I didn't last time and I still am very self flogging about it and with like hard stuff not like yarn) In the bottom left corner...that wee thing there....dudes, it's a stitch counter. so cool.

Because I like to encourage a little yarn porn when I can here is a skein shot of the 2 yarns:

I just want to say publicly that spinnybunt has been a most excellent secret pal to me, even though I really fell off the ball in the middle of it (I figured a few things out today which I'll share later when I feel up to it). I fell so far off the ball I didn't even know there was a ball to be honest. But she's really the best anyone could ever hope for so here is a big huge public

thank you!!

And I hope you wont mind my haunting of your comments ;>

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Spinny Bunt said...

I'm really glad you like it all. And did you see? I found you another skirt pattern!