Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Second Sock Syndrome Swap

I joined another swap tho this is tailored for a girl who only knits left socks.

1. What are you favorite sock yarns?
I really don't know I have very little of the good stuff at the moment. Of all the ones I have tried I love Trekking the best followed by Lorna's Laces. I think with my rather casual relationship with sock guage thicker sock weights are best (not neccesarily sport weight). My SP gave me some Koigu that I really don't think I am good enough to knit socks with.

2. What are your least favorite sock yarns? Anything you just cannot use?
I found Bernat Sox for a buck at Zellers, it wasn't worth it. My big pet peeve is scratchy and splitty yarns.

3. What method do you prefer to use (DPN's, 2 circs, 1 circ, etc.)
I have only ever used dpns tho I am anxious to start with magic loop.

4. Is there any method that you cannot use?
please see above

5. What are you favorite colors?
I am not a big fan of primaries, tho mainly just blues it seems. I am drifting towards oranges. Put it to you this way, with the exception of Wickedness there is nothing in this group I don't like http://www.thesweetsheep.com/xcart/home.php?cat=84 My wishlist is also rather decieving as there are a few gifts for other people on it.

6. Are you a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced sock knitter?
I think I am an intermediate to advanced knitter but a beginning sock knitter. I love cables and lace have a resistance to multi-coloured knitting but I have had a great deal of difficulty with socks as they seems to stretch and stretch and eventually become odd shapped hats.

7. Any other info you want to share (such as other likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc)?
I knit, crochet, I plan to sew but shopping is much more fun. I have the biggest dvd collection of anyone I know. I nurse my inner geekette with sci-fi/fantasy novels with a current leanings towards Luna Books series and and Star Wars and a dose of D&D. I love most comics but budget wise I no longer buy them as that budget has gotten slotted into yarn money but I keep up with my favourites over the net (most marvel and dc superhero comics). Triggered by the realization that when I wear white I look taller I have begun purchasing more and more white clothing and have been really getting into polar bears, be it stuffies, clothing or photos. I was raised on 80's toons and have a mounting collection of them. All this would be well and good if I ever got time to watch them. I do make time to watch britcoms, Battlestar Galactica, Jericho, Lost (well only on dvd) and Smallville. I take care of my parents and we have 4 cats and 2 dogs.

8. Last, but not least, what are your sock measurements? My foot is an 8 but socks for a 7 1/2 usually feel more comfortable It's not unusually wide.

Misc sock info: I have size 1 US dpns, I need to pick up thinner ones as , again my guage is wacky. I have not yet bought any circs for magic loop but that will be forthcomming in the next week. I own 2 sock books "Socks, Socks, Socks" and "Vintage Socks" by Nancy Bush.


Anonymous said...

Your yarn is in my hands...he he..

Your SSS2 Swap Partner

Anonymous said...

you sock is completed...

sorry, it took so long. Life was busy but thanks to 2 consecutive snow days (go Ontario), I am done now.

Now, to find goodies...when the stores reopen...

Happy valentine's!