Monday, March 26, 2007

Dream Big

I'm calling this dream big to show project ideas I have. Let's face facts I usually have a lot of the go anyways so while I may never get the projects knit I want the freedom to at least dream of getting it done.

May I present to you the very first "dream big" project-The Anna Socks from Rowan 40. I had cast in on in Black but it was uninspired, not me, real melvin. I think they would be nice but when I saw this colourway "Jelly Bean Merino Tencil Sock Yarn by All Things Heather" at the Sweet Sheep. I knew what the yarn really wanted to be. For 2 days (I sware I should get a medal) I sat back knowing that someone out there saw the very same potential for these skiens that I did...but no one stepped forward. I obsessed cheking the page several times a day-but no one scooped them up! So obviously it was destiny. Fate. True Love. (CURSE YOU FATE! It was supposed to be a cute billionaire not 2 skeins of yarn!! Of course it IS really cute yarn...yeah I got no real complaints.)
Also is it a warning sign that some skeins I want just for the names...sKNITches Zombie for example. It's nice yarn greys and red.... but it's called Zombie...dudes...I am a little heartbroken that I missed it. I really hope they come out with a companion yarn called "Brrraaaaiiins". Cuz dat would be Sweet.


Michelle said...

Those socks are wicked, wicked cool!

Kat said...

i love the colours, they are going to be ace!