Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dreaming of Prizes

The March Sweater Madness hosted by Michelle of is still on going. In April it will be UFO month. Cool. It's not all contest all the time it's more like a mini cheering section / KAL kinda thing. Everyone is welcome! ( Back to the contest. I won! My sweater may be a bit big on me but I was done first! I think I can either resew it or just give it to a coworker whom it does fit. I won a big parcel of prizes!

So I am trying to do a big dream big of all the prizes. So far only the Cherry Tree Hill has "spoken" to me. It wants to be (tah da). I love lacey socks but all the verigated yarns in the world look like rabid drooling howler monkeys in this pattern. In a semi-solid maybe it'ed work but when this came out I only had self striping and verigated. I looked like butt. But hot pick lace socks....I'm cool with that

The Self striping wants to be a cabled sock. I can feel it. Cookie A. released a few patterns for purchase. When Sweet Sheep get thier's in I'll be first in line. I really want the new sock book from Interweave too. The Socks That Rock is very precious it's the first and only skein I have of it...the pressure to use just the right pattern is extreme. (Plus hello the colourway has ORANGE) No way am I going to play fast and loose with STR in orange.

The really rocking pink and orange in the middle may end up being a hat. It's not superwash. So not so much with socks but again I love the colours and it's soo fantabulously soft...I want to say beret but I'ed never wear one....Definitly another one that's marked for some currently mysterious yet wonderful future.

The possum has very very secret plans. Very pop culture ...maybe a little ARRRR.. ;>9that is the only clue you get) The knitpicks gossemer in lime and teal is going to become some very fancy looking lace scarves probably of my own invention. I have a few great stitchionaries , I should manage to figure out my own shawl pattern....right?

Lots of sky flavoured pie I know but I got plans and that makes me very happy. Tonight I work on my gummi sock and my coat. Got a great new movie to watch and some amazing flavoured tea, life is good.


Anne said...

Congratulations! That sounds like quite a haul of yarn - and you don't have to know whatcha wanna do with it all yet - it will speak to you in time! haha. :)

Natalie said...

Congrats! Can't wait to see what you make.

Spinny Bunt said...

Congrats! What movie did you watch? That's some very nice sock yarn.

mjm knitting said...

can i see a proper photo of a "rabid drooling howler monkey". that line cracked me up. so glad you finished your sweater first, what a great loot bag of yarn you got.

Sharon said...

That is some gorgeous yarn you won! Can't wait to see what they all grow up to be

Michelle said...

Oh I love that pattern...good idea...glad to see you like the yarns!