Monday, March 19, 2007

My Yahoo Messanger Has Been Wire Tappedby..well, me. Apparently.

The hamper and the hamster thing isn't the pointy part of this conversation but I thought it was funny. To preface I am doing major closet verhaul and washing everything I want to continure to own. Today I have been saying a lot of...when did I get that?, Or I've missed that, Remember how cute this was when it FIT (usually the last said in a much bitter voice followed by chocolate and pouting.)

Jinxsa Salem: ok i need hampers and places to lay sweaters flat to dry
Jinxsa Salem: many... many... hampers
Jinxsa Salem: like 8
YB: thats not good
YB: Oh woe is me! Oh woe is me! I used to have a Hamster Tree! But it was eaten by a newt, and now I have no cuddly fruit! Oh woe is me! Oh woe is me! I used to have a Hamster Tree!
Jinxsa Salem: wow...woe
YB: no. Oh woe
Jinxsa Salem: i have a problem
YB: oh?
Jinxsa Salem: i need another 12 step
YB: d'oh
Jinxsa Salem:
YB: another one?
Jinxsa Salem: then i found this
Jinxsa Salem: scroll down
YB: can you join 57 different knit exchanges?
Jinxsa Salem: um maybe
Jinxsa Salem: i probably SHOULDN'T tho
YB: *sighs*
Jinxsa Salem: ...probably...
Jinxsa Salem: ...kinda....
Jinxsa Salem: ....maybe...
Jinxsa Salem: ..sorta...
Jinxsa Salem: ...ish.
YB: snicker
YB: do I need to start an intervetion?
Jinxsa Salem: please see above
Jinxsa Salem: this wouldn't be such a problem if people bought me yarn
Jinxsa Salem: just random yarn showing up at my house
Jinxsa Salem: long as it was good yarn
YB: he he he
Jinxsa Salem: <--yarn freak.
YB: very much so
Jinxsa Salem: <-- not planning to change that about myself either
YB: lol
Jinxsa Salem: <-- suggests people deal with it
YB: <-- suggest you should take care of that third person problem you seem to have.

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mjm knitting said...

oopsie.....did i do that? (a la steve urkel style)