Sunday, April 08, 2007

Anna Socks

Remember these? (you know 4 posts back)

Well contrary to my nature I actually am following through on a plan. I have a lot of stash here that had big plans and are getting kinda jealous. I am afraid they are going to transform into a noose if I keep being so unfair.

Still I am a big believer in "signs" and these socks have a few things going for them. Including the fact the camera miraculously turned up while I was trying it on. You know that means the fates are wanting me to be wearing these socks, and then Ohbz showed up. Ohbz has nothing to do with the fate of the sock in fact I'm just starting to worry how much of a diva he's becoming, I already have a scientologist cat I can't risk getting a diva too.

So far I can say this is an amazing yarn to work wih. It may not come across in the photo but it's shiny!! And much more important it matches the new polish on my toe nails. This is crutial. I usually only have 1 colour of toenail polish a summer and this year seems to be a teal/blue hue. (Sometimes I feel like a rhyme sometimes I don't. ) The pattern is rediculously easy to memorize with a 4 row repeat (2 and 4 are Knit too) But it looks cool.

Warning, British knitting terms are different. I knew this going in but when your really tired look for a translation cuz North American "yarn forwards" just don't look right, you know, at all. Actually I looks kinda dumb. Not that I did that. Just saying. ;>

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Michelle said...

Wow, I love them! They look Great.