Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Sp 10 package


Lost, one digital camera. Last scene in the vicinity of yarn bins. Answers to the name of "What the hell is wrong with this piece of crap now?" The connector cable has been questioned thouroughly but denies being in the country at all last week. It's story is plausible because no one has seen the cable all for the past 10 days. Public is advised that said camera has a tendancy to flash at inappropriate times, so keep eyes partially averted. No reward is currently offered as it is expected to show up the day after owner leaves on vacation.

Ok I had to improvise on this post as the camera has been AWOL since last Saturday. (I think the dog is taking pictures of the cats in the litter box for blackmail purposes or the cats got sick of random blindings and my camera is now sleeping with the fishes.) My lovely secret pal hails from NY and sent me a wonderful package that arrived last week. I don't have pictures to show....or do I? (NOTE: when in doubt cheat)
My SP got me a wonderful graphic novel. It's the X-men's Pehonix End Song. Which is a bit of a lie. Dude. Marvel comics kills off every character a year and brings them back proptly. Find me any X-men thats been around for more than 5 years that hasn't been dead. Luckily I watched Days of Our Lives long before reading comics and I was already familiar with the dead being brought back for "one more storyline". I have always loved Jean Grey, I thnk that they have totally turned her into the poster child for emo trauma, mind you. She (to beat the Days/X-Man metaphor to death) is totally Marlena, she had an evil twin/clone, she's been possesed, she's had stalkers, she's been dead more times than you can shake a stick at... Still the current writers are trying to streamline her story a bit and I love what they are doing with her. I read this comic from beginning to end the moment I took it out of the box. It Rocks So Hard.
She sent me 2 balls of this, Plymouth Yarn-Heaven. It looks much more orange than this pic. It's so soft and plush. I am thinking of making some kind of stuffie from it. I was thinking ...rabbit...but then I'ed have to give it away. Rabbits are scary. I don't like anything with bigger teeth than brains, it's why I stopped going to the bars. But really you have to feel how squidgie this is. I want a stuffie from it, must find stuffie pattern. SO Soft and Cozy!
Malbridgo. Look at the camazing colours! I had been eyeing the yarn at Sweet Sheep and I was thinking about trying it then this came. Oh it's soo neat1 Check out the colours! It's got about 200 yards and I was thinking about a crochet scarf from it. BUT then Michelle got the exact same colourway in the shop!! So thinking what I am thinking? Either a cable fingerless glove set or...winter skirt... (I love skirts). All of the colours in it are on the top of my favourite colour list! I'm really looking forward to using it!
There was also a book mark that I think had the origina cover from the book Eragon, it was so freaky. I just watched the movie the night before and had bought the book on my lunch hour the day the package arrived. I also got a Batman jurnal that I am marking project progress in. It's hanging out in my knitting bag with my Anna sock as I type.
Thanks Secret Pal! I really loved my package!!


Secret Pal said...

I am glad that you liked everything. You're right though, they seriously like to stretch a storyline. I got used to it because I love the Nightmare on Elmstreet movies.. Look how many times they brought him back. And Jason and Michael. Anything for another dollar. Although comics prove to have a little more plot than the movies I just mentioned. LoL!

Nate said...

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