Friday, May 25, 2007

7 Random Things About Me

I got tagged by MJ to do the 7 random things MEME. I'm not tagging anyone else because either they have done it , they don't want to do it or they don't have a blog.

1. I write the way I talk. I got a rather nasty comment about how I write on the blog. A lot of ..., comma's, quotation marks, to say nothing of perenthesis. If you know me, I think it would make a lot more sense. It's like hearing the cadence of speech but in print (I usually have a lot of little asides when I speak, I like to get off topic (sometimes off the off topic in the same sentence) but I do realize that multiple perenthesis make it difficult for the reader (crap)). Perhaps one day I'll do a blogcast and read my entryaloud. I'ed be more inclined if it weren't for....

2. I sound like a chuipmunk in heat. My voice is fairly high pitched and I tend to get over excited and speak much to quickly. When dealing with customers I have a whole other voice, when dealing with my parents I have yet another (well it's much louder anyways). The chipmunk thing is much worse on the phone, unless I am trying to do something unpleasent (hello internet tech support) then I sound like Angelina Jolie or something.

3. I forget my own phobias. I like to think i can go to a haunted house, for example but I always, ALWAYS, chicken out. I hate snakes and lizards but I go to the zoo and walk past them thinking "Ok, I can deal with this ther is glass between us" then I am shoving children and old people out of my way to get past the snakes. If I see a snake on tv or in a movie I can't have my feet touch the floor, they end up on the seat with me (You can imagine the leg cramps I got when seeing Anaconda-see I always forget my phobias)

4. Everyone around me misinterprets my phobias, well, one of them. I don't like rabbits. I think they are cute and cuddly and sweet lookin. But they have big teeth and claws and can really hurt you if they have half a mind to do so. So I am not afraid of bunnies per se but I have no desire to ever hold one, as it has bigger teeth than brains (also why I stopped going to the bars)

5. I hate being called the c-word. No not that one (tho I wouldn't like to be called THAT ONE either) I mean cute. It's not so bad now but a few years ago everyone called me cute. I was a Hello Kitty in a Jessica Rabbit world. Skirts that ended 5 inchs above the knee with pitch boots were equally as cute as an oversized sweatshirt picturing frolicing kittens. There was a limit and the skirt boot combo was it.

6. My verbage is questionable. I like to make up words and I deliberately mix metaphors. For example, I like to say "thats a different ball of fish" a mix of "a whole new ball of wax" and "a new barrel of fish". I love the word pointy (which is important and/or relevant) and unpointy (unimportant and/or irrelevant) I use the words so much that I forget what words I am trying to replace. Lately I have enojyed saying unpossible it certainly gets noticed. It makes customers pay more attention when you throw odd little languagy bits at them.

7. I love closed captions. I love them so much! My mother has about 15% of her hearing left and she hates them, my father has lost about 20% of his and he hates them (although in all due fairness his last stroke efected him so he has a hard time reading the leftmost part of the line). I have most of my hearing (stupid walkmans/ipods) and I love them. It's probably because I watch so much BBC tv. Accents and lingo can really screw me up somedays.


Yarn Boy said...

You do, you really do!

(In regards to all seven points :D )

mjm knitting said...

when did you get this nasty comment?
did they sign it anonymously?
i bet they did the bugger!

KaKi said...

Yea, I got an interesting comment about how many (!) marks I use. Well, how else do you make sure the reader knows you are (1) MAD!!!! (2) EXCITED!!!!!!!! or (3) LOUD!!!!!!!!!

I love the way you write! It reminds me of me!!!