Friday, May 25, 2007

Dreaming Big

I bought a bit more yarn. And by a bit i mean about 3 large boxes worth. You saw in the last falsh the stash most of the first of 3 boxes, well the other 2 came in and here is the rest complete with thier "Dream Big" pictures. (FYI the contest will keep going until Tueday of next week as that is my next day off, as good a reason as any I suppose). I ended up at Micheals and picked up a lined hamper style basket to help hold my new yarn. I have shelves set up but I need to reorganize them. I plan on taking 3 days off in a few weeks are really just moving furniture and so forth to make more room and to get the computer out of my room before it gets to hot out.

Above is random stash I bought. Some of it is for Secret Swaps but mostly for me. (listed because I like to know so I figure someone else may as well)
  • 2 Louet Euroflax Linen in Violet
  • Sweet Socks in Lola (that's the yellow, blue and purple verigated yarn)
  • 3 Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora In Teal
  • 2 Hip Knits Silk in Swet Sheep colourway (hot pink)
  • 150g Handmaiden Sea Silk Lace in Dragonfly
  • Fleece Artist Sea Wool sock Yarn inPinata
  • 2 balls of Alpaca Silk in hot pink

The Louet Gems is for 3 Pairs of Harry Potter Socks. I have started the ones that need to be mailed (Hi MJ!) and I really really hope the other 2 pairs dont' take too long, it's the first time I have made men's socks and that means they are pretty big right? Drat.

This is Shelridge Farms this and the items above are what I ordered from (Hi Michelle!). You know the place I am forever talking about? Yeah there. She has a ton of new things in already and I want to tell you about them but I am broke and you'll get there before I do so my lips are sealed. Go look and find your own stuff. In the right of the picture is 4 skeins of Shelridge Farms Worsted in "Pink Lemonade" which I either bought for Tempting or the Cable Bandeau from Interweave Knits. I can't remember which. So it probably means I'll cast on either one depending on the weather that day. Warm it'll be the bandeu, cool temperatures would lead to Tempting. To the left is Shelridge Farms DK in "Candy Floss" and "Raspberry", the Candy Floss is from an attempt to make the Dollar and a Half Cardi (which with lace and reverse stockingette makes the wearer look like the staypuff marshmellow man UNLESS the knitter is willing to change the needle size twice per lace and stockigette repeat. I wasn't.) Instead I am thinnking of trying to make this 9also it proves to Interweave I forgive it for the Michlen Man sweater so they wont produce another issue like the current Summer one in it just me or is only ok, not great?)

I'm not sure I like the pattern on the sides of the sleeves so they may be plain The back is kinda freaky too, but interesting and it looks really complex, whgich is better than cool-it's kewl.

This was my fisrt order from knitpicks. The yarn is good for the price and I haven't tried knitting anything with it. As you can see I desided to knit the "Equinox Yoke Pullover" from fall Interweave '06. I saw one in person at the Frolic and it was soo nice. Plus I have bohus envy. As you can see I opted not to do brown. I don't know why. I'll wear this all the time in fall winter where all my bottoms are in the earthtone family it seems but I like bright colour so the pale grey sweater with brightly coloured yoke is very yeay. I am not sure I did the oatmeal colour at the bottom right or the pale violet next to the bag of grey. I have time before I cast on so I'll play about a bit, maybe I should draw a chart with crayons to see the colours I like together (seriously). I went from "Akk! No colourwork allowed!!" to "Oh that looks nice and hard" in the oversized scary sweater that swallowed my house. That was just 2 colours this is ..more. I'ed count but I'M AFRAID.

Also included is the yarn for Josephine or Starsky. This stuff is huge! I know I have been manily working with fingering yarns lately but OMG bulky yearns look huge! I don't know if I can knit something that is like 2 sts. per inch. It'ed fell almost vulgar! Like I was cheating somehow. I can just imagine doing a half dozen rows and having 8" of progress to show. I'ed be giddy!

I also bought 3 circular needles, 2 sets of dpns and a magnetic chart keeper. The needles are amazing and so cheap I think I am going to end up owning a lot of them. Yeay! I like them a bit better than addi because when I knit my stitches are always close to the needle tips so with addis there is a lot of sliding off issues, these not so much, which kicks so much ass. The chart's ok. The magnets are not very magnetic and I'ed put a pouch on the back of the keeper to hold notions or other patterns that aren't in current use. I am going to see if I can get some better magnets and If i can put a pouch on the back, it was ok for the price but it's not on my list to buy more.

It was a magnificent spree and I love my new stash and gear. I have a lot of projects I can make, but the really nice thing about Dream Big is I don't have to follow through on specific I deas. That's the Dream part. I may find something else I want to make and change my mind, and I am ok with that.

NOTE:I have been tagged for 7 random things MEME that everyone in the knitblog world has done (I think) but that will have to wait until next time as the fiber was way, way, way more exciting. Sorry MJ you'll just have to wait. (Also you should know me well enough by now to realize everything about me is random) ~D.


Michelle said...

Hey Deb...nice haul...I have package envy...I know it came from me but i didn't get to keep it!
Glad you like it..there are some beautiful yarns in there.

mjm knitting said...

My goodness girl-that's a lot of yarn.
If ever they start a stash-a-holics anonymous, i think we both need to join.