Friday, May 18, 2007

Drumroll Please..

Caution Rambling % is high in this entry. Sanity is at risk.

Public Sevice announcement. Please people sending me parcels, can you ship them off later in the day? I don't need people showing up at 7 :15 to deliver packages I am neither dressed nor even remotely "with it". (squinting while repeating the word "what?" 16 times when the postman has yet to say anything makes him a bit...edgy) No postal person deserves that sort of treatment. Twix look like breakfast food at this time of what is laughingly descripted as day. (You want day come talk to me when the AM hours are double digits.)
Thanks, Management ;>

I have been waiting on two packages. One from my Secret Pal 10 and one from my Knitter's Treat Exchange. Sure enough they both arrived the same day, isn't that always the way?? Still I have a lovely box (Huge) from Michelle @the SweetSheep (yeay new yarn, most of which I am not giving away-probably, I took an abandoned SP under my wing, She followed me home, I sware, can I keep her?) So other than the No Sheep Swap and the Monkey Swap and the Not So Secret Harry Potter Socks I'm um... swap free, I can't type that with a straight face, NEVER A GOOD SIGN. Still as long as I can tell mom that it's for all my pen pals, she says little about the string.

What?, Oh you want pictures? OK anything to keep you ravening hoards at bay ! ;) The first up is from my Secret Pal...I can't link to her yet...soon...not yet...but soon....(way to many cartoons this week, I need to cut back before "I tink i tee a puddytat")

When I saw the yarn I thought it said Brillo (you know those S.O.S pads?) I thought "That can't be good,' But it IS. it's a cotton viscose blend, it's soft and stretchy. It'll be socks, I'm into the whole socks thing now. I think it'ed make a nice pair of monkeys or maybe a cabled sock. I haven't done cables in a while. There is a copy of Vouge Knitting on the Go-Weekend Knits Which is perfect for my microscopic attention span (2 tanks in there have my vote) and the Everything Book of Knitting- I love Everything books, I have the one on Philosophy and a few others and they have a tounge in cheek humour that appeals to me. Plus cute cartoons! And 2 sets of note cards, in so pretty colours!

My treater was Dana from . I liked this exchange in someways, other ways not so much. Quote from Exchange rules - Treats you MUST send: 1. Enough yarn for a one skein/small project 2. Magazine 3. Pampering treat - e.g. Hand cream, bath fizzer etc 4. Delicious treat - e.g. chocolate/candy/tea/coffee 5. Your blog address, so your pal can say hello (which in typical Jinxsa style I forgot). I had a hard time with the magazine, who knows who has what? They are so easy to pick up, sitting right there at the checkout, waiting for you. Be nice if they put personal ads there, you could get bread, cheese, soup and a boyfriend all in the 8 items or less lane. Better than chocolate and tabloids-though apparently that OK! with Mel B and Eddie Murphy's baby was the best seller since they started I saw that sucker everywhere in town, geez what an ass.)

Wait where was I? ;/ Oh yeah my Treat Pal!! (Sorry) She sent me some awesome orange trekking I almost bought in Lettuce Knit while visiting Toronto. I drew the line at buying one extra suitcase for yarn. I would have made fun of me for 2 extra suitcases. So it's going to be a really nice...scarf..ha you thought I was going to say socks, I know you were don't lie! A cute bright scarf that will work with all the fall browns! There is a lovely little case that the sweet smelling lotion did NOT want to come out of. I got sheepy notecards (I need to correspond more) and Knitting (published in England) and the new knitscene with the konobi jacket *kewl*. She sent me breast cancer stitch markers in honour of my mom, who is doing great with her new curly hair (that is a mini 'fro but she's still damn cute). There was twix. I know what I am having for supper (shuddup yarn boy your just jealous because I got chocolate through the mail and you didn't) and Nips caramel hard candy!

My downstream pal for the Knitter's treat exchange was Kaki who can be found at . If you want to see the package I sent her it's at So 2 swaps down, a few more to go! This is so cool! I love the internet, sometimes, usually, sorta when it usues it's powers for yarn not evil.

Big Huge EDIT~I can't believe I forgot the most important part~ Thank You Dana and Secret Pal for taking the time and effort to get to know me and put my packages together. To not have said that before was, at best, unforgivable and, at worst, rude. (Why no I don't have that backwards I'm Canadian) I'm so sorry and am willing to grovel appropriately! Thank You very much.


Yarn Boy said...

But... I do want chocolate thru the mail.

Leslie said...

Hello fellow monkey knitter. I've been checking out all of the monkey swap knitters blogs and well just thought I would stop and say hello. Hello. The knitters treat exchange sounds like lots of fun. Is there going to be another one?

Julio Maletski said...

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