Sunday, May 20, 2007

Flash The Stash

Well the top layer of the stash, after you get past the top layer there's a lot of yarn that I'ed rather forget, you know back from the days you thought it didn't get better than Bernat Satin. Those young, innocent, carefree days before I had actually held silk, angora and cashmere. Before I heard of "Limited Edition" colourways. I have very faint memories of the days before I realized they call it yarn because the name heroin was already taken, the stash remembers tho. The stash has a crystal clear memory of my finding fuzzy acrylic yarn with multi-contrasting-coloured shlubs in it. (OMG $2 a ball, I must have the whole bin!) My stash remembers when I hadn't even thought of ordering yarn online and thus was reduced to Micheals, Walmart and Zellers. My stash remembers when I went throught that bamboo needle frolic at the dollar store-hint when you go in everydayon your lunch because you have to replace one you broke it's no longer cheaper to buy needles at the dollar store. My stash has so much Red Heart and random generic acrylic that it asks fashion advice from guys in bellbottomed flood-pant powder blue tux's.

The top layer of stash is pretty shallow, in more ways than one. It's lured in by the words silk and cashmere. It likes bright colours but only works the neon in offbeat and "kitch" ways. It's grown-up stash. It reads Vouge. It's luxurious. It screams out to be touched. It appreciates quality. It buys brand names. It ... has a sock fetish. Look there's a cone! The stash is learning to commit!

And for those of you who noticed the Bernat Camaflage in pink..remember above all it's MY stash, so it has to have a sense of humour.

EDIT:I have been advised to mention that this is not all of the top layer of stash. It is in fact much bigger however the bedroom I take pictures in (to forever be known as theonly room in the house with any kinda of natural light) isn't mine and If I covered her bed with the entirely of the top layer, well, I'ed have died, probably painfully and it doesn't seem worth it somehow.


mjm knitting said...

your stash is lovely. i need to catch up.

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