Thursday, May 10, 2007

I was re-reading all that MEME again and I am stunned by my polar views on things. I really love and hate things. Example. I love good thick cables, I like thin cables I don't even remotely tolerate hollow cables. You know cables with lace in them. (bleh) It may look ok on but it's kinda just ... very ... well gross is my first inclination to say. Really I like my cables rounded and lace middles tend to go more elongated.

I have a deep and possibly irrational hatred for doing i-cord. I am sure it has it's place in the kitting world. Actually I know it does, far away from me. I don't mind the look of it and so on, it's useful, but I'ed rather have my bucknaked butt dragged across flaming hot coals then sit in a bucket of lemon juice than actually sit down and knit i-cord. I mean it's not something i can even get into a "zen-like" state. I need to look down. And I always get a sore fingertip. Ok well always applies to the 3 times I actually knit i-cord.

I am in many ways a knitting opportunist. I'll try anything twice. If you don't like it the first time it doesn't prove anything. If you swell up and can no longer breath then your allergic to it and it's probably best to only do it once. Just sayin. I love and adore complicated patterns, I can bobble and it's kinda neat (if only i could stop thinking of them as little fiber nipples-especially when I have to pinch them into a more round state...)

This next few months is all about socks. I am making Monkey socks for a swap, I am making (what I hope to be) an entre-lac hogwarts sock for my friend Ehm-Jay, in a not so secret swap, and I'ed like to make 2 pairs of men's hogwart's socks for my father and YB. To break up the monotany of socks I will mix in Anna which is.....another sock damnit. Something is wrong, I like socks, I like Harry Potter and I like my freinds ( and my dad ) but I have the attention span of a of a squirrel on expresso. Obviously I need a side project. I just don't know what. It's going to have to be something challenging (because men's socks are round and round and round and yawn... ) but it's also going to have to be boring so I don't knit it all the time. I love a challange, I love to knit but sometimes I hate how I have to trick myself into actually knitting everything on my list. And by sometimes I mean everytime I think about it.

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mjm knitting said...

i saw the CN Tower get hit by lighting yesterday. first time i've seen it since i moved here eight years ago now. thought i am told it gets hit a lot every year. sorry i know of your fear of lighting but i had to share.

what about a clapotis? that could be your side project. you have so many projects that i'm getting a headache just thinking about them all.