Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Monkey Sock Swap

Sorry, Just got back from vacation. Jet lag has stolen my brain.

The Basics:

How long have you been knitting? 2 years this August. I saw a book in a store and asked for it for my birthday. It was 8 months before I figured out my knit stitches were actually all ktbl's.

Do you consider yourself a beginning sock knitter, an intermediate, or have you been doing this so long you could probably knit a pair in your sleep? I'm an intermediate to moderately advanced knitter who doesn't have all that much experience with socks yet. I just learned to kitchner withiout crying this month. ;>

The measurements:
Shoe Size: 8
Foot circumference: 8.5 inches
Foot length: 9 inches but if you make the socks half an inch smaller in length they fit a bit better

Yarn Preferences:
Wild bright colours. My favourite combinations are fushia, teal, orange and purple. the wilder the better.

Do you prefer solids or variegated? Vareigated I'm not really into stripes with monkey socks, verigated and semi-solids seem to look best.

Do you prefer wool, cotton or acrylic yarn? Wool and wool blends.

What colors would you never wear? striped primaires, le very grande ew

Knitting Gadgets
Plastic, metal, bamboo or wood? I just learned how to do sock on 2 circs but I can't find my 2mm addis :( So I am using my brand new Pony plastic DPNS. I like that the stitches don't slide off and they are a pretty good length.

Are there any knitting accessories you don't have in your collection but would like? I need something to hold my DPNS

Would you be willing to have an international Monkey Pal or do you prefer one in the US? I at this point I know I am sending International.

Do you have any allergies? Only food ones.

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mjm knitting said...

ha ha- now i know your foot measurments. I have found a pattern or two or three i like, and will be casting on for pattern A this afternoon. although you may end up with pattern C socks for all i know.