Monday, June 11, 2007

I have Not Dropped Off the Face of the Earth, Maybe If I Asked Nice Tho

Hello All, It's been a very long weekend here, well for me. 9-9 Saturday and 9-fraking midnight Sunday. I did not knit in public. In fact I did not knit at all. Oh I had plans but sadly so did head office. I do not like my headoffice today. As 27 hours on my feet at work have made me feel much shorter than I am, at 5'2" I can't afford to lose much! I wonder if I can sue for height minimization? Does Workman's comp cover shortning? Today I shall knit exclusively on my Harry Potter Sock as I am so far behind MJ it's scary. I will also do laundry as I have ziltch to wear to work tomorrow. I may post knitting content today or not. I want to but the effort of finding something not secret may do me in. Much top secret knitting. Need Ultraviolet clearance. (I love Babylon 5-luckily so does my dad so there has been much b5 watching here lately)


mjm knitting said...

thank goodness....was getting a bit worried reply from the email i sent... i still need your postal address girl

don't worry about my socks, after 27 hours on your feet get some rest my dear.

headoffice had better give you a large sum of overtime for spending that much time on your feet!

i thought you were taking about battlestar galactic not babylon five......fraking....i had a comment to write but it doesn't matter now

Blcklace66 (Secret Pal) said...

Jesus! You could probably get workman's comp for stress. Just start swearing in the office and crying. Then faint. They won't fire you because they'll be to worried of a lawsuit against them for causing a mental breakdown. =)

I am kidding of course but it sounded good.

mjm knitting said...

your socks have been posted. yeah!
they should be on your doorstep this coming monday.