Friday, June 01, 2007

Why Self Imposed Deadlines Suck.

Dudes. I had a day off, a whole day off. I got the plague. I know no one with a cold right now. Not one person. I can't recall seeing anyone or serving a customer with a cold since I came back from vaca. So why in the name of all that is stringy do I feel like I am swimming underwater with my snorkle pointing the wrong way? In what way is this at all fair? **mumbles**

I did the draw today sort of. I wasn't really a draw it was more me going pick a number between 1 and 13 to my dad. Who promptly answered 20, 16 and 2347. *Sigh* (this is what comes when you encourage him, Yarn Boy). I then went to my mother, who is adorable but hearing impared and not one to pay to much attention. I asked her to pick a number between 1 and 13 she told me we have no tomato soup and would I like Cream of Mushroom.....for the record I never want Cream of Mushroom, except in a casserole, and not at all in this case. Clearly finding an impartial judge was going to be difficult. So I consulted the manifest of living bodies in the house, meaning, in this case, I triped over a cat. Divine inspiration! I grabed a d20 cuz I am queen of the geek girls rolled it on the floor by the stairs and let the cat knock it off the stairs. 20. Clearly the cat had been talking to my father. Still eventually there would be something between 1 and 13.....eventually was 7(!) times more, let me tell you if any of you had been #18 I'ed owe you my whole stash. But eventually #6 bounced aross the carpet. So yeay Blacklace (My secret pal 10). I'll have a prize ready for you the minute I can breathe through at least one nostril and , you know, find out who you are ;> either/or.

No doubt you are wondering which one got the most votes 9-4 for starsky on the blogger side of things. 2-7 for Josephine on the co-worker and so forth side of things. I really should have seen that one comming, huh?


Blcklace66 said...

Well! That story is funny for a multitude of different reasons. I am also the queen of geeks and d20s are all around my house. God Bless the D20. =P

Whenever you get the chance dear, feel better soon! =)

Blcklace66 said...

Also, Thank you!

mjm knitting said...

hope you feel better soon sweetie.

did i mention my lucky number was 18? darn.

Yarn Boy said...

I live but to serve, and make life difficult :D

Yes, yes you should have expected the vote to turn out like that.