Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Big post- I owe ya'll!

I got my last package from my SP my Spoiler is Valerie from It took me a while to figure out her blog as she left clues and not a url. I won't discuss why I didn't think of looking at the participants list for a , uh, FEW days. I got some really amazing swag, including 2!! handknits! A Calorimetry (Am I the only one calling it Calamity?) and a really lovely slip stitch scarf, made out of non-itchy ribbon yarn, who knew there was some? It's so funny because I almost bought that book the day before the package came. I desperately wanted it. Especially how nothing is working for me right now.

Valerie has been a really great pal and I am looking forward to keeping up with her! A knitter/zombie flick fan is just to damned delicious (so to speak). I haven't forgoten she won my blog prize! I can pick something out she'll like now!

Currently my knitting mojo has been sorely lacking. Everything I have knit (including for other people-especially for other people, oi!!) I want to enter a handknit into the local fair-type thing we have going on here. The deadline is Sunday. I tried to knit a DK shawl, it was going quickly but looked like boiled ass made out of string, not yarn but like string. Blech. So I was on the knitting! LJ and saw a link to this I am totally making this now. I am using the cone of yarn I picked up in my last major stash surge. The colours are WAY off, it's much more of a deep dark mysterious plum. (my camera hates my new digs.) I started it yesterday at 4ish, So I have hopes I may finish it before the deadline, hey it's a shawl is it not going to fit? Please. Also check the needles...that's right-glass. I bought these for status, but holy poodle poop do I totally completely heart them. The join looks horrible, I looked at it and thought ...yeah But it's amazing. I bought them at the Sweet Sheep. There aren't a lot left. I'm very sad.

I fell down the sKNITces rabbit hole. I couldn't help it. They look yummy (AGAIN WITH THE CAMERA!) The top row is one skein each of Showgirls, plum pudding, clarisse. Under it my Project spectrum yarn for the month, in Golden Ticket (why not Golden Snitch?, not a HP fan, Michelle? hee)

And while I am not a big red fan....I got me some Zombie!! I'm so geeky.

In my personal life I am doing ok, paying off a rather large unexpected bill. Am getting frustrated about it. Ces't la vie, I guess ;/. I had a follow up to my dr.s physical and was asked how I managed to get there the day of my annual as I had practically NO B12 at all. My colesterol and iron and everything else was very very good but no B12 this is what she suspected was casuing my backouts. I have been trying to remember to take my B12 everyday but I am not very good at remembering to take pills, (YB-you can finish that sentence can't you?-dont need to post it though). The bum jab she gave me (did you know they really do jab you in the bum?, I always thought it was a tv/movie thing) has started to wear off and I find if I don't keep up with the pills, I get black spots in front of my eyes-bah. The new job front didn't pan out they couldn't afford me and/or I couldn't afford them. Work is pretty much back to normal so it's not great but at least it's what I am used to.

I moved my PC and some things into a spare room before the worst of the heat kicked up. I built a new computer hutch (ok I IKEA'd it up) and this is the view from my seat. Cat Butt. Usually there is significantly more tail across my screen. Sometimes Sam-Sam gets up there which is much better as he has no tail. (I am not mean he's a Manx, he's born that way). Eventually I am going to finish cleaning this room out and bringing all my yarn in here and/or my books. I am desperately hoping for a little glider rocking chair to show up in my price range. Or a swift. Hee.

My 30th b-day is in a few weeks. It's interesting. I still get people asking me what school I go to. I am hoping to take a quick trip out of town with Yarn Boy. We'll see what we end up doing. (Oh imax Harry Potter with 3D ending??) I have watched almost 4 hours of Dark Shadows this am, it's wonderful to have as backround when knitting, or writing, or anything. I am waiting for a good bootleg of Order of the Pheonix to come out, just to make screen caps out of it. I want to make Hermione's sweater. And Ginny's and Luna's thought it was crochet (I feel so betrayed by that, or offended). I wish there had been some handknits in Transformers!! ;>

Oh and I, um, found a link at Valerie's . You can find out where you are at in the queue over at Ravelry. I was so depressed as I read like 6 posts about how amazing it was this morning, Valerie had 665 people ahead of her. I didn't want to know how many were ahead of me. Well, actually I did.
  • You signed up on May 29, 2007
  • You are #5826 on the list.
  • 8 people are ahead of you in line.
  • 12244 people are behind you in line.
  • 32% of the list has been invited so far

Can I call in sick to work today?


Valerie said...

-=giggle=- I didn't want to just give it to you! I thought a riddle would be fun. I am sooo glad that you liked the hand knits. I was worried that you might not. I remembered reading that you didn't like ribbon yarn because it was itchy so when I found one that was soft and brightly colored, I jumped at it.

There's yarn called ZOMBIE?!?! Where did you get it, I MUST own some!

Michelle said...

golden snitch...I wish I had thought of that!
Transformers was awesome...but it did need some knits

mjm knitting said...

only 8 people in front of you for ravelry! yeay! there are 423 in front of me before i get mine. me thinks you will have your invite by the weekend. don't want to ruin the surprise so go check out my blog to see what happened while we were in the UK.

Anonymous said...


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