Thursday, July 05, 2007

Do you have this in white?

Well I really outsmarted myself this time.

I work in women's clothing and I had a lady come in asking me if we had any shirts like the one in the window (green and white striped about 1.5 inches thick) Now of course I think she is refering to the solid tank top as she only mentioned one colour and the stripes are on the table in the doorway) and I start off by showing her tank tops. She gets mad at me for not being able to read her mind and she said "The striped one!" Ok I can adjust, never say I'm not flexable. So in attempt to figure out what the poodle-poop she wants I ask white with what colour? She pauses and furrows her brow then says loudly (like I'm speaking a foreign language and hearing impared) "White-with-white-stripes" Thinking this woman is a few apples short of a bushel...maybe more then just a few...and taking note of the vein throbbing in my head I take a solid white shirt off the rack to show her. I'm fully thinking I went to far and I'm going to get yelled at (and rightfully so) when the customer in question looked all sad and said "Oh, don't you have any with the stripes going the other way?"

You ever see 2 sales associates get jammed in the backroom dooor trying to get to the bathroom before they wet their pants?


mjm knitting said...

what a crazy! too bad you can't covertly put "dumb-ass" signs on the backs of customers who piss you off!

Michelle said...

OMG too funny!