Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ravelry: The Ultimate Time suck, Kinda

Ravelry could be the best knitterly thing that happened to me or the no so much good thing that happened to me. I love it but I am completely experiencing eyes bigger than stomach situations. I see so many things that I want to add to my queue but I am trying to restrain myself. It's really REALLY hard though. I have to admit thus far my favourite part has been reading the forums. There are groups for darned near everything!

I am spending much of my online time there (at least I have it minimized to the background almost all the time). I have found many little Christmas presents that I want to make for RL friends and as it's July I wonder how crazy I am to be planning for Christmas already...mind you if I want to get anything DONE for Christmas it wouldn't be a bad idea.

Currently I am working on Bellatrix socks, Errol (all Harry Potter, all the time 'round here), and Jellyfish shrug. Well actually I still need to wind the yarn for the shrug. Which I hate doing. And YB is doing penence or remodling his bathroom or some such crap and thus is being wholly selfish in neglecting his winding duties. Bast-tard-es!

next week I will be totally organizing stash and posting it ! Any reason to organize the stash and play with yarn.
Ravelry Name: Jinxsa


Valerie said...

I feel you on rolling up yarn. I hate it with all of my being. Although it could be because I am doing it all by hand and it ALWAYS knots on me.

I feel you on the Ravelry thing. I see so many things I want to make that I don't know nor do I have the finances to start. -=giggle=-

Yarn Boy said...

Just because I bug out on you for one week, I'm selfish! :(

Glad to know that I'm needed :D

Anne said...

And so the knitting blog world was lost to Ravelry LOL

Glad you're enjoying it :D And it's never too early to plan Christmas knitting and get started - at least for me who won't get a bit of it done otherwise!

Beverlyrigl said...

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