Thursday, July 05, 2007

Socks! I have socks!

I recieved 2 pairs of socks in the mail this past week...(and a half) and I'm just getting around to blogging them. I could point out that I had made an executive decision to do all the laundry that I had left for over since a week before my second to last post, but there is a small load of jeans in the hamper mocking me. Also I am expanding my space in the house. I have covertly taken over dad's old office upstairs. Mom knows dad doesn't. As dad can't get up the stairs I feel my secret is safe. Enter new computer desk (that tried to kill me a few times during assmebly). Yarn will move in there eventually and maybe a tv. There are 2 recliners in here one for me one for laundry and cats. Dispite that we own more hampers per capita (even figuring in the dogs and cats) then anyone else I know we seem to always have a shortage. I can't explain it. It's a mystery for the ages. On to the way cool sockage.

First Up is my Griffandor Harry Potter sock from my pal MJ!! (yeay MJ). I happy to report the socks are cool and comfy. Tres Rocking! ( They came with many treats for my menagery like chocodrops for the dogs, Greenies for the cats and um...catnip. Canip in packages is aparently bad. We don't use catmip at the house so we didn't know this. I came in the house with the package after another hideous long Sunday to find my package in the mailbox. (I get packages on a sunday...weird). I go down stairs to say goodnight to dad and no more than 5 minutes later the package is opened and things are all over the kitchen. Even a week later (or a bit more-dudes I am sooo hideously behind on everything) package items are getting lost/stolen. Not pictured is the treats for the animals and a foot bath balm and tea tree oil for me and my poor abused feet. The socks are hairy because OHBZ took my feet for a ride when I wore them yesterday. I'ed have taken a picture but he's 30 pounds and there was no way I could manage stairs. Oh and that little piece of paper. Opening day tickets for Order of the Pheonix. HEE.

The second package is from Leslie who is my Monkey Sock Swap Pal. Yeay. The yarn she Used for the sock is stuff she handdyed herself (it's so soft and funky). Apparently she was going to use the other funy stuff in the back there but it wasn't working out. Monkey socks don't lend themseves well to self striping OR ...i want to say Jaquardi.. but I am not sure that's the term I am looking for. And there is 4 monkey Items by Bobby Jack. Glitter Tattoos, puffy Stickers a necklance and a keychain. But next to best (I like the socks best from the package tyvm) is the dpn case that matches the socks. I had a case like this once for long straights but everything fell out but this one folds then wraps and dudes, she sewed it up herself!! Am I the only one who after sewing for 3 months only produced 1 purse and one remotely wearable skirt? But seriously the case it really cool!! Yeay! You can find Leslie at and you should tell her how cool she is.

I can't express how much I love both these pairs of socks and how much I feel my own knitting sucks by comparison .... but the thought matters most of all, so thanks for thinking of me.


mjm knitting said...

yay- i am so glad you like em!

mjm knitting said...

you signing up for sp11?
seems like nichole will be having another round of FCS soon too.

Leslie said...

I'm glad that you like the package! I had a lot of fun knitting your socks and sewing up your dpn roll. Do the socks fit? Can we see a picture of them on your feet?

Secret Pal 10 said...

Congrats on your goodies! You should be receiving another package in the mail soon!

Rebecca said...

Hoping YOUR Monkey Sock package is on its way to your pal, too. So glad you received a wonderful package from Leslie...she is a sweet gal!