Sunday, August 26, 2007

No Sheep Swap, Joy or something with apt punctuation to make this sound happy.

I hates punctuation. It makes me sound silly. ;/ I can do that on my own, I don't need no stinking dots. Why yes, I am in a mood, no, not a particularily good one. I'll blog about it another time. Right Now I want to give huge and OMG so belated mad props (YB you have permission to smack me if I ever say that in R/L) to my downstream pal Chrissie from the No Sheep Swap. She sent me a package in July and I thought I blogged it but it's not there. So I suck. Huge. Not in a nice dinner and a movie kinda way either. In a "You call yourself a Canadian you loser" kinda way actually. I want to take the time, forsaking my am caffine out of self-induced penence, to tell you how cool the yarns she got me are.

The first off it this feaky (I love freaky) little novelty yarn. It's frizzy and bright and mutli- coloured...and wound before I got my swift... but so amazingly awesomely ME. I think there is about 120-150 yards... I am desperately hoping enough to crochet a scarf out of. I don't know why It just needs to be crocheted (how do you past tence crochet as a verb...? that just doesn't look right). I'll show you the scarf I am thinking of and you can tell me I'm mental at the end of the post.

Next I got Thursday these two luxe cones of laceweight yarn. 70% silk and 30% linen. Really tiny thready cobweb stuff the cream and more like traditional laceweight for the blue white cone. These were bought in Tokyo. Dudes! There was an enclosed pattern by cat bohrdi (I don't like capitalizing her name, she has this kinda e.e. cumming vibe doesn't she?) for a lavender eyepillow ( If I hold the yarns together and double it up there should be enough to make it, according to Chrissie.

She also sent me some really nice sparkly styling stitch markers. I am totally trying to figure out how to make stitch marker jewllery I have tried 2 methods but not too happy with them, I will make it work! But really these are pretty and totally wearable I think. Maybe Stitch marker earrings..? And couple bags of imported Green tea. Sweet! Tres Cool.

Much Thanks to Chrissie!! I really loved the gifts you sent me!! I am sorry about the mess up in July!! I le suck!

Oh the scarf I want to crochet : the link is busted. Will edit when not crazy late for work.

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Valerie said...

Forsaking the coffee definitely deems you worthy for forgiveness. -=giggle=- Sorry to hear you're in a bad mood. I hope all is well.