Monday, August 20, 2007

Ravelry: The Surgeon General's Warning

Ravelry is contaminated people!! Beware! caution! Danger Will Robinson!! You sign up and get smacked down with most deadly strain of viral startitis the world has ever know. It's not a knitting website it's a drug resitant plauge. Want proof? I had about 3 things actively on the go. Nothing too scary. Since then it's grown. Balloned. Mushroomed.

Now I have always started and abandoned projects as I see fit. It's my hobby no one is holding a gun to my head. I have enough stress in my life that adding worry about finishing a project I am bored with seems more than a little silly. I have terms like current rotation. Sometimes when something just will not work out I like to frog and deny any attempt. I admit this, now, but be prepared for a full denial later.

Check out the progress bars (dude I have progress bars, next stop cuts, I will not be HTML's bitch much longer ok i probably will be but a chick can dream). These are just current rotation. The top layer of things on needles. The whole subsection of things on needles would need another page. I have forgotten most of them. (Except that Malbrigio hat. I really have to find my Boye set. It was a really cute hat, just needs much bigger needles. The MJ hat from Spiderman 2). Current Rotation is not even a complete list. There are presents. We will not discuss the presents as people read the blog. *SHHHHH* I can't even post on Ravely as persons are on Ravelry. (YB if you look at my queue I'll personally arrange for an arborial unconsenting fornication-don't think I won't! And there won't be time for lubricant. [I've been watching too many movies lately]) So to be in current rotation they need to be acknowledged, occasionally touched (sometimes this simply means moving it from the coffee table to the kitchen table to the desk) and sometimes actually knit. And I wonder why I almost never finish anything!?!

Since startng on Ravelry I have started everything that is in current rotaion. And i have about 47+ queue. Some of which I'll never make but at least I know I can find them again if only to think about making them. Dental bills this year are going to be stupid high and so it's the year of the knitted gift. many knitted gifts. I made a few already. Like a knithulu, which I already gave away. Knitted Christmas Gifts are tricky.

I'ed like to design a few basic and simple pattern socks and hats probably. I have Vouge Stitchonary 1 and 2 and 365 knit patterns a day but until the day I die (or suck it up and buy them for myself) I will kick my own ass for not buying Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasurys when I saw the whole 4 volume set for 160 bucks!

Keep an eye on the status bars for more Ravelry inspred startitis.

(to my SP11: I have no idea why I never got your emails. I have been checking my bulk/spam folder and most of it was about enlarging my p3nis or graas that grows anywhere :/ Next time you comment please leave the annonymous email and I can put your email in my address book and, I think, it should stop the problem. Dude I know that quote. I can't think of from where tho. *makes face* It's going to make me nuts (nuttier). I like all sorts of things my favourite thingss rarely have rhyme or reason. It's an Orange thing. There is always something that grabs my attention. Really like current rotaion in knitting, I have current rotation in interests. Right now on the top of the list are comic book heroes, zombies, my Nintendo wii, NFL football (go colts) and Harry Potter. In knitting it's gift ideas. I have one skein wonders and a bunch of random knitting books but little projects are a good thing right now with the whole knitted Christmas thing pending) I'm so-so on socks, my sock mojo left, I'm hoping to fill the void with latvian mitten mojo.)

You know one day I am going to have to do an audio post just because I type scary. Once you hear me talk it's ok but I must admit I do type hella scary.


Anonymous said...

When I'm anonymous, I answer to the name Kevin. Anything you recognize?

Best wishes. Kev / SP11.

Anonymous said...

I sent you another email (repl to yours). Did it arrive?

Valerie said...

I totally agree with you about Ravelry. I just keep seeing things I want to add and knit. I don't have startitis though. I just have a couple of things on the needles.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE YARN AND THE BOOK!! -=hugs hugs and more hugs=- You're awesome!

YB said...

theres always time for lubricant!!

LadyLungDoc said...

Heck - I've got over 50 items in the queue! And the scary part is how many of them I already have yarn for!!