Thursday, September 13, 2007

In place of doing my real job...

It's been a bad day at work. I don't want to really deal with it anymore. And from the looks of it I won't have to. I want to just sit and knit tonight. Actually I want to sit and knit and watch football but the NFL is being less than obliging, don't they know I've had a hard day? I want hard knitting. I want to really just take this hard scary knitting and beat it down. I can so this. Of course I have no really hard knitting. Well I thought it was hard...then I started it's significantly less hard. Drat.

For Example: Dark Mark Illusion Scarf

Once, omg how on earth do you keep track of all these rowns now, satisfying but a little *yawn*

Next Up: Semi-Complicated Floral Basket Shawl

Very complicated to start (well I had to start it about 3 times) now I wonder whats the big deal? Well I wonder about the big deal while worrying it's still going to look like ichiban after blocking actually.

Wisp is garter stitch and 1 row lace repeat.

I have other knits on the go (Christmas knitting shhhh) but all really plain stuff. I want to do an entrelac blanket for my dad but can't find a pattern that doesn't start off with triangles. :/ And I suppose I can always start this for my mom

But honestly I think I may just finish sketching to make my own version of this. The swatch yarn is not working but my old standby should work.

Oh and just to show you how much else I hae laying around on the needles here's a shot of my Lelah top.


mjm knitting said...

clearly you do not have enought projects on the go and need a few more on the needles. WOW!

Michelle said...

Knit it out jinx!
You have some beautiful stuff on the go!

Anonymous said...

It's in the mail.... I don't know how long it will take to get from here to there, but at least you can start looking forward to a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Ping! Is it there yet?