Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is this on?

Hi-Ho Jinxsa de Knitter here! (Dad bought season 2 Muppet show a few weeks ago send all hate mail about occasionally muppetry to him, oktksbai)

Well it's been a fun week here. I have had nothing but problems with the computer that started off mildly annoying, (hey why does explorer shut down when I go into anything related to blogger?) to extreme wtf?!? (why is my pc doing nothing but reboot after reboot. YB called me Friday to find out why he could hear me cursing from the other side of the city... my isp has renamed me the evil bitch godess of death with HP building me a lovely little shrine with the same monkier. In my defence HP sent me to 6 different operators ncluding a memerable moment with someone who didn't speak any english in some scandanavian sounding place... I think he was in the kitchen, cuz there was banging. I was really hoping they would pull a Cancer Clinic and send me to the office of the present of the company cuz by then I had a lot to say. But long story not so short I got it working enough to make 2 restore disks and I have now managed to do a full restore. I was terrified of doing it cuz last time the pc ended up a doorstop ;/ but it succeded. Working with HP and my ISP we figured out it was the antivirus I pay my ISP monthly for that turned my pc into the darkest corner of technology. My doom had nothing on this. The bright spot was the fact one of the isp guys said b0rked. Then after my phone died after an hour and a half with this guy I tried to get him again, dude you don't know me I want to talk to the guy I know, but alas it wasn't meant to be and I had to deal with new guy. When saying that I had nothing against him I let slip it was mainly cuz the guy had said b0rked that I was so attached. He then thought I was, like, going to tell or something. (CUE 8 YEAR OLD VOICE THERE) New guy then trys to tell be b0rked was really a technical term (oh maybe the swedish chef is working for HP then!!!). But alas 4 scary days later where i could only google, some yahoo and ravelry (thank god!!) oh and hearts, which meh, I'm more a freecell kinda girl, I have a working computer which looks like ass. And I have lost a ton of links, backgrounds, icons, ect. Also it looks like ass. IT BEARS REPEATING OK. Tomorrow I'll reinstallthe camera speaking softwear and I can show you the pretty gear my sp sent me and I got last Sunday (Why does my postal people deliver packages on Sunday?)Yeah I'ed smack me.

Anyways ::waves:: here I are!!

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