Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

It was a pretty eventful Halloween this year. I decorated my store window and won 3rd place ($50 bucks) so that was amazing. I got a picture of it on my camera phone (oh got a blackberry style phone this week) and I haven't figured out how to get it off of it yet. I spent a lot of my day off at work fixing up the store. :( I was dressed up as Tonks this year and I apparently look very awesome with pink hair. In fact, I have to say it suits me better than my natural colour. It was a rather fun discovery. I took my glasses off for most of the day if I ever was able to have bangs I'ed totally switch to contacts, but as I have naturally curly hair, uuuh no. But yes it was cool. Again Pictures forthcomming.

I also had a "Crookshanks" with me, in the form of my cat OHbz. Ohbz loves to duck outside when you aren't watching careful enough but today..oh no..wailing shaking and carrying on. "Heart of a lion that one" Spoo also not with the outside thing. We had 8 kids come to the house. 8. I don't know why I bother at all really. I sat outside as the cats and dogs don't need to be any more disturbed then they already are. But no kids.

I wanted Halloween fun! So I went reverse trick or treating. Which I sware I may do every darned year. I went door to door on my little part of the street giving out candy to the people in the houses. It was so much fun! I'm 30, I don't trick or treat anymore (ok I don't look 30 and the stitches on my chin were taken out and I look like I have a huge pimple but still, I'm too old to go door to door for candy. I'ed kick my ass) So it became the Great Treat Exchange of 2007.
"Here is some chocolate"
"Ok Thanks, have some chips"
It was soo funny how many people just laughed thier heads off. It made it all so very much more fun. Next year I think I am going to arrange grown-up trick or treat and the kids can stay home and hand out the candy as they aren't going out anyways. I know the mall gets 5000 kids, and most stores only have about 1000 treats max., but really...why aren't they trick or treating anymore?


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'd love to see a picture of the pink hair. Are you sharing?

Anyway, the Halloween-treat is on its way. Boo! I'll mail the last package next week.


Valerie said...

Grim and I were talking about trick or treat too! It seems like all the kids are gone!! I mean when I was little, it was a mob of kids raising to the door to fill their bags. No I see maybe 10.

I can't wait to see your costume!! Oh and Congrats on the win!