Friday, October 19, 2007

Humour Where for art thou...?

Still haven't regained the sence of humour. No Idea where it went. I even checked under the couch cushions as that is where everything dissappears to. My sofa is the black hole of Calcutta. I once lost an entire cat between those bad boys.

I now have a giant tv. I was watching a movie today and I really like the big picture. It was odd tho, halfway through the film I stopped thinking about how huge my tv is. (The first few days I just giggled and said "big" a lot). I am wondering how big my tv would have to be before I stopped taking the big for granted. Apparently bigger than my fireplace!

Mom's b-day sweater didn't get done in time. I have a few stitches on my arm and chin, while the chin ones are itchy and are covered in Hello Kitty band-aids at all times. The arm is really sore (also covered with hello kitty or sponge bob, which glow in the dark). I thought it was infected but it's a combination of my being allergic to bandaids (the plastic kids ones are usually ok, if i use an adult cloth one I think I'ed just prefer to bleed to death) and also the fact I have been using my arm and building a ginormous tv stand. So knitting has stalled and stopped. It just sorta hurts. But mom is ok with it, as long as I stop making her look at the stitches ;>. By the end of the week I hope to have mastered washing the hair in the bathtub with one hand, so far it's me getting soap in my eyes and yelling a lot. I'ed offer to take a video as I am sure it's hysterical but I'm not that friendly. Last time I even managed to pull the shower curtain rod with the curtain down on myself. I am charting out a new design for dad's headmaster blanket to act as a needlework pattch. The new design has me knitting the Hogwarts crest onto a blanket. I hope it works out well. For hsi birthday I hope to crank out some socks. I am planning to stitch an "R" and a "L" on each toe as his left sock will be bigger due to swelling.

I am planning a day trip to Calgary with YB in November. Disney Store and Yarn. Perfect for Christmas. ;> Much Disney Store love! More Yarn love! Maybe some Swiss Chalet love...oh please let there be Swiss Chalet love!! Mongolian Grill Love with Cinnabuns and ...I am going to need a few days up there after all just to eat all the food....


Yarn Boy said...

I thought your TV was as big as your fireplace?

Sponge Bob...KILL!!!!

With all that love, is there none for me?

Valerie said...

I agree with above comment in reference to Sponge Bob. I hoe your arm feels better. Did I miss the post where you explained what happened ?

Becca said...

I'm sorry that I found your plight so freakin' funny. I too, am allergic to bandaids and most adhesives. I learned this when I had an epidural for my son's birth and they used what must have been an entire roll of adhesive tape to tape the thing to my back. The next day I had a newborn to figure out and my back was itching so badly I wanted to set it on fire.

Good to know that giants TVs seem normal after a while, but don't tell my DH.

AmysBabies said...

What happened!?!? I'm glad you are starting to feel better. A big TV helps make things better.

Michelle said...

I'm finally reading your blog! That's all I have to say, really. :)