Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inspiration, not so much

I am sitting here and thinking about what I want to blog about. I have a lot of things I want to tell people but I lack any inspiration in making it amusing or even entertaining. I'm trying here but it's pretty rough. Things are going ok. There are some good things, some bad and some both:

  • I have some yarn money for the first time in weeks (yeay) this is money for yarn not earmarked for swaps.
  • I taught 2 people at work how to knit and since the 3rd already knew, I am pretty damn happy. One is definitly a Knitter. She is getting a bit obsessive. Yeay!!
  • My Christmas knitting is behind but It's becomming less behind, which is a bonus. Birthday knitting is going well except for a blanket I want to knit.
  • I am crocheting more and with a degree of confidence I never have previous-while this isn't saying much it's saying a lot at the same time. I may crochet the blanket for dad's birthday. Knitting a whole blanket doesn't sound like any fun at all. Crochet will at least be challenging, even if it's basic single crochet ;>
  • I got to spend 3 whole days/night doing things other than being hiome. This is both good and bad. Played a table top game called Arkham horror, much love. It makes me want to read a little HP Lovecraft.
  • Work isn't crazy busy yet, which again both good and bad, I am getting concerned about how not busy it is. I know it's dead when I have time to worry about how dead it is.
  • I have thrown out my hip and am now gimping along BUT that gives me an excuse not to go out on my days off so it looks like 4 days of pj 's and knitting starting sunday (football!) but I have a dr appt on monday and I have a 52" tv and hdtv satellite being installed, bit happy about that too. Now I just need to get a few knitting shows on the tivo!

I would blog stuff but my knitting mojo has slowly been replaced with crochet lust and swatches ain't that interesting OR they are gifts, and I have it on authority people do peek at my blog. Still I shall post again soon and hopefully have a sense of humour or whatever my own brand of manic meyhem can be called.


Anonymous said...

Now I can stalk you on Ravelry.

Valerie said...

Gotta love Pajama days! I hope you hip feels better though so you don't end up spending your days off in pain.

Good Luck with Crocheting, You're a mightier woman than I am.