Monday, October 01, 2007

Secreyt Pal Package !!!

My Secret Pal, whom I call Kev, Sent this amazing package last week. It has this toasty warm autumnal coloured yarn. She was thinking possibly scarf/hat and even included her personal scarf recipie but people: it do be getting cold out, and me, I need MITTENS. But here is y\the twist I want to put a ipod pocket inside the mittens. I have less than no idea how I am going to DO that...but it's what I need as the cold weather will my little pink tunemaker (which also plays videos, and the pink was a breast cancer special item ;>)DIE. With 2 balls there will be enough for a matching hat, Perhaps Foliage??

The needles are a really amazing frosted pink colour and they are the recommended size for the yarn. It was this whole fall knitting kit theme which was cool. There is a Tape measure (which is residing with my sweater in progress (if anyone wants to send me a present a box of tape measures would do nicely...they migrate and get chewed, the cats leave my yarn alone but the tape measures and circs...they get played with and on one memorable occasion yanked out of sock in progress)There is also a really amazing pair of scissor. They are little and wicked sharp. I used it to trim the ends of the sweater in progress and it was like butter. I sware I was looking for more ends to trim. It was so wicked cool. From my what, 2 weeks as a seamstress (a poor one no less)I developed an appreciation for sharp scissors these are amazing. They are made by craft medley and are called a cut above. Go buy some, seriously.
Thanks Kev It was a real treat getting this, I love it!!
EDIT: OMG it's my cervical cancer of the molar colours!!! I just realized that looking back!! Extra yarn love (yes I may have hugged it a little, shuddup)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you like it.
Happy first of the month, Jinxsa!
I think mittens are a great idea. Do you have a recepie to share? I could do that too......