Sunday, November 11, 2007

Catch up

It's already time to play catch up and it's no where near Christmas yet. This is very un-bodeful. It's been a bit of a car wreck of a week. I Got a lovely little present from Kev, my sp11 in the form of a glttery halloween card and a needle guage, which actually came in handy the day after I got it (go Kev!) I still haven't gotten the camera and the pc to talk to each other **mutter, bitch, whine, curse** I still have to finish mom's Biday sweater sleeve (I had lost the last ball of yarn but found another at the store so yeay) and YB's present is late but should be done soon. I stayed up until stupid o'clock finishing another present but that person was too sick to come to the party... I can't win.

All the packages I am expecting are arriving ate or delayed. Friday I think I found out why. I came home form work near 7pm and the postal carrier was delivering the mail to our boxes....I go in get the mail key talk to my parents and go get the mail. The guy was drunk and still drinking while in the van!!! If I hadn't been in shock I'ed have called the cops but I was really just stunned. Tuesday (Mondy is a holiday I think for the post office) I'm going to be reporting him. It was just amazing, he was driving erratically and had the inflated drunk ego (dude don't do the "I can see you checking me out" head bob when you are drunk and sitting in a postal's aint like it's a Porshe... or like you aren't a complete idiot...)

Also my throat hurts and I am pouting.

More Christmas Knitting to follow....


Michelle said...

Aw poor jinx!
I hope things start rolling your way...

Maire said...

Don't you just LOVE Albertan Postal Service? Our mailman delivers the mail to the wrong house on a consistent basis, and has been instrumental in destroying the grass on our front lawn.

We had even crappier service from him when a family member reported him for not using the sidewalks. Idjit (sigh).

I much prefer the nice lady in the Expresspost truck. She brings me things like boxes from Amazon. Which usually contain books. Nice lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope the mailman doesn't eat the next package..... it's on its way. Glad you liked the gauge-measure. You'd think it would be easy to keep track of the size of the needles we have, but it's not always so, is it?


Anonymous said...

Canada Post tells me the est. delivery time is Nov 22, and that the package has made it to Ottawa since Monday. Pretty poor, since I live inside the city boundaries...... but still, at least it's moving.
Happy middle of the month, stranger!


Knitting Mama said...

Your post man was DRUNK??? ARe you serious?? I would definitely report him!

- Your SP11 Hostess, Robyn

Valerie said...

Whoa... um.. Drunk Postal Workers may be the weirdest concept ever placed in my head. Although, maybe that's how they get their employees after all my carrier has broken 5 of my netflix DVDs and can't seem to get the concept of not shoving them in my mailbox.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.