Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

It was a pretty eventful Halloween this year. I decorated my store window and won 3rd place ($50 bucks) so that was amazing. I got a picture of it on my camera phone (oh got a blackberry style phone this week) and I haven't figured out how to get it off of it yet. I spent a lot of my day off at work fixing up the store. :( I was dressed up as Tonks this year and I apparently look very awesome with pink hair. In fact, I have to say it suits me better than my natural colour. It was a rather fun discovery. I took my glasses off for most of the day if I ever was able to have bangs I'ed totally switch to contacts, but as I have naturally curly hair, uuuh no. But yes it was cool. Again Pictures forthcomming.

I also had a "Crookshanks" with me, in the form of my cat OHbz. Ohbz loves to duck outside when you aren't watching careful enough but today..oh no..wailing shaking and carrying on. "Heart of a lion that one" Spoo also not with the outside thing. We had 8 kids come to the house. 8. I don't know why I bother at all really. I sat outside as the cats and dogs don't need to be any more disturbed then they already are. But no kids.

I wanted Halloween fun! So I went reverse trick or treating. Which I sware I may do every darned year. I went door to door on my little part of the street giving out candy to the people in the houses. It was so much fun! I'm 30, I don't trick or treat anymore (ok I don't look 30 and the stitches on my chin were taken out and I look like I have a huge pimple but still, I'm too old to go door to door for candy. I'ed kick my ass) So it became the Great Treat Exchange of 2007.
"Here is some chocolate"
"Ok Thanks, have some chips"
It was soo funny how many people just laughed thier heads off. It made it all so very much more fun. Next year I think I am going to arrange grown-up trick or treat and the kids can stay home and hand out the candy as they aren't going out anyways. I know the mall gets 5000 kids, and most stores only have about 1000 treats max., but really...why aren't they trick or treating anymore?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Friday, October 19, 2007

Humour Where for art thou...?

Still haven't regained the sence of humour. No Idea where it went. I even checked under the couch cushions as that is where everything dissappears to. My sofa is the black hole of Calcutta. I once lost an entire cat between those bad boys.

I now have a giant tv. I was watching a movie today and I really like the big picture. It was odd tho, halfway through the film I stopped thinking about how huge my tv is. (The first few days I just giggled and said "big" a lot). I am wondering how big my tv would have to be before I stopped taking the big for granted. Apparently bigger than my fireplace!

Mom's b-day sweater didn't get done in time. I have a few stitches on my arm and chin, while the chin ones are itchy and are covered in Hello Kitty band-aids at all times. The arm is really sore (also covered with hello kitty or sponge bob, which glow in the dark). I thought it was infected but it's a combination of my being allergic to bandaids (the plastic kids ones are usually ok, if i use an adult cloth one I think I'ed just prefer to bleed to death) and also the fact I have been using my arm and building a ginormous tv stand. So knitting has stalled and stopped. It just sorta hurts. But mom is ok with it, as long as I stop making her look at the stitches ;>. By the end of the week I hope to have mastered washing the hair in the bathtub with one hand, so far it's me getting soap in my eyes and yelling a lot. I'ed offer to take a video as I am sure it's hysterical but I'm not that friendly. Last time I even managed to pull the shower curtain rod with the curtain down on myself. I am charting out a new design for dad's headmaster blanket to act as a needlework pattch. The new design has me knitting the Hogwarts crest onto a blanket. I hope it works out well. For hsi birthday I hope to crank out some socks. I am planning to stitch an "R" and a "L" on each toe as his left sock will be bigger due to swelling.

I am planning a day trip to Calgary with YB in November. Disney Store and Yarn. Perfect for Christmas. ;> Much Disney Store love! More Yarn love! Maybe some Swiss Chalet love...oh please let there be Swiss Chalet love!! Mongolian Grill Love with Cinnabuns and ...I am going to need a few days up there after all just to eat all the food....

Friday, October 12, 2007

For Y/B


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Inspiration, not so much

I am sitting here and thinking about what I want to blog about. I have a lot of things I want to tell people but I lack any inspiration in making it amusing or even entertaining. I'm trying here but it's pretty rough. Things are going ok. There are some good things, some bad and some both:

  • I have some yarn money for the first time in weeks (yeay) this is money for yarn not earmarked for swaps.
  • I taught 2 people at work how to knit and since the 3rd already knew, I am pretty damn happy. One is definitly a Knitter. She is getting a bit obsessive. Yeay!!
  • My Christmas knitting is behind but It's becomming less behind, which is a bonus. Birthday knitting is going well except for a blanket I want to knit.
  • I am crocheting more and with a degree of confidence I never have previous-while this isn't saying much it's saying a lot at the same time. I may crochet the blanket for dad's birthday. Knitting a whole blanket doesn't sound like any fun at all. Crochet will at least be challenging, even if it's basic single crochet ;>
  • I got to spend 3 whole days/night doing things other than being hiome. This is both good and bad. Played a table top game called Arkham horror, much love. It makes me want to read a little HP Lovecraft.
  • Work isn't crazy busy yet, which again both good and bad, I am getting concerned about how not busy it is. I know it's dead when I have time to worry about how dead it is.
  • I have thrown out my hip and am now gimping along BUT that gives me an excuse not to go out on my days off so it looks like 4 days of pj 's and knitting starting sunday (football!) but I have a dr appt on monday and I have a 52" tv and hdtv satellite being installed, bit happy about that too. Now I just need to get a few knitting shows on the tivo!

I would blog stuff but my knitting mojo has slowly been replaced with crochet lust and swatches ain't that interesting OR they are gifts, and I have it on authority people do peek at my blog. Still I shall post again soon and hopefully have a sense of humour or whatever my own brand of manic meyhem can be called.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Secreyt Pal Package !!!

My Secret Pal, whom I call Kev, Sent this amazing package last week. It has this toasty warm autumnal coloured yarn. She was thinking possibly scarf/hat and even included her personal scarf recipie but people: it do be getting cold out, and me, I need MITTENS. But here is y\the twist I want to put a ipod pocket inside the mittens. I have less than no idea how I am going to DO that...but it's what I need as the cold weather will my little pink tunemaker (which also plays videos, and the pink was a breast cancer special item ;>)DIE. With 2 balls there will be enough for a matching hat, Perhaps Foliage??

The needles are a really amazing frosted pink colour and they are the recommended size for the yarn. It was this whole fall knitting kit theme which was cool. There is a Tape measure (which is residing with my sweater in progress (if anyone wants to send me a present a box of tape measures would do nicely...they migrate and get chewed, the cats leave my yarn alone but the tape measures and circs...they get played with and on one memorable occasion yanked out of sock in progress)There is also a really amazing pair of scissor. They are little and wicked sharp. I used it to trim the ends of the sweater in progress and it was like butter. I sware I was looking for more ends to trim. It was so wicked cool. From my what, 2 weeks as a seamstress (a poor one no less)I developed an appreciation for sharp scissors these are amazing. They are made by craft medley and are called a cut above. Go buy some, seriously.
Thanks Kev It was a real treat getting this, I love it!!
EDIT: OMG it's my cervical cancer of the molar colours!!! I just realized that looking back!! Extra yarn love (yes I may have hugged it a little, shuddup)