Saturday, January 05, 2008

1. What is your favorite way to drink cocoa? Prepared with milk? Water? from home made recipe or store bought?, In a tea cup, or big mug?
I love a big mug! I make my hot chocolate with water then add some milk or cream.
2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?
Yes, at home usually wite marshmellows

1. What is your favorite type of yarn? In what colors?
I like more traditional yarn, most novelty yarns are a turn off for me as they aren't as interchangeable. I love noro style striping. I love bright secondary and tersiary colours. (Orange Teal Green and so forth)
2. Do you knit or crochet (or both)?
I can do both but I knit much more comfortably then I can crochet.
3. What are your favorite type of needles, would you like to try something new?
I love glass needles!! ZOMG! So amazing! I have 2 pairs of circs and I love them. I am pretty open to anything duable. When my needles warp in my grip they get chucked out. (stupid Crystal palace) Oddly enough I like Brittany Birch.. Oh and I have never used any wooden crochet hooks...
4. Do you have a healthy supply of notions?
I am pretty well stocked tho I can never find anything when I need it...
5. What one thing do you keep thinking you need to buy for your knitting habit (outside of yarn)?
I keep thinking I need one more project bag (I have 8 already and don't need another , tho I'll probably buy one everytime I see one...) I really need a book on Granny Square patterns (I <3>
6. What is your favorite 'quick knit/crochet' pattern (quick gratification)
So far I really love Evangeline @ Magknits so I'll say fingerless mittens and stuffed toys.

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter?
Stay inside in bad weather watch movies with the family.
2. What is your favorite animal?
Polar bears and cats.
3. Do you get the 'winter blahs'?
Not unless it's all muddy and brown. Snow cheers me right up!
4. What is your favorite way to beat the blahs?
If it's after work it's a walk and my ipod. If I'm at home it's Doctor Who and video games (I have a Wii, DS, PS2 and an X-box 360)
5. What is the thing you are most looking forward to this spring?
A proper 2 week vacation in may! (I hope)
6. What are your favorite treat?
Caramel and popcorn.
7. What is your favorite board game?
Traditionally I like Jigsaw puzzles and non-traditionally I love Arkham Horror, Chez Geek and Munchkin
8. Do you have any children (furry or human)?
4 cats 2 dogs plus I take care of my parents.
9. Do you have any allergies or special considerations you partner should know about?
Shellfish and most laundry soaps. Oh and most antibacterial stuff too. I am not a fan of most nuts.


Miss Me said...

older son says you can come and play munchkin anytime... it's a fave of our's too! (introduced by my older sister, the dr. who fan...)

Anonymous said...

Hello there... your swap pal here. Just a quick hello, then I'm off to read old posts.

Anonymous said...

Quick question, you can comment an answer here, and I'll find it. Do you like your Cocoa flavoured, or just plain chocolate. For example, would you like Mexican Hot Chocolate? Or Mint Hot Chocolate? Or are you more of a traditionalist, and just want Chocolate Chocolate?